Digital Library Development

Digital Library Development

Digital Library Development Kyle Rimkus and Bill Ingram February 10, 2016 The challenge of managing digital production,

preservation, and access at UIUC. 2 Image Management Evaluation Team members: Sarah Christensen, Tim Cole, Alex Dolski, MJ Han, Tom Habing (exofficio), Bill Ingram (ex-officio), Patricia Lampron, Kyle Rimkus (chair)

This group was charged with evaluating and issuing a recommendation for a digital content management and access system that would be a suitable replacement for or extension of the Librarys current CONTENTdm instance and which could support the same types of content and also collections significantly larger than 50,000 items. 3

Recommendation Migrate collections from CONTENTdm over the course of two years, and decommission CONTENTdm by August 2017. As a first collection, migrate the Sanborn Maps collection from CONTENTdm. This collection of over 10,000 items will free up space below the 50,000 item limit in CONTENTdm, thus allowing for significant freedom to use both systems during the

transition year. 4 Beta Site: 5

beta disclaimer and feedback form search image metadata download high-resolution master or derivatives IIIF image viewer with pan and zoom

Descriptive metadata Image Viewer 6 Medusa Digital Preservation Service

7 The Medusa Dashboard 8

A Collection in Medusa Access restricted to collection managers Search across folders, files, and

metadata Edit preservation metadata Conduct preservation actions Track provenance

View files 9 Folder and File View in Medusa (for library staff) 10

Published item view in front end (for public) 11 Illinois Data Bank (under development)

12 Deposit Data Accept Deposit Agreement Deposit Data Enter Metadata Deposit Data Upload Files

Deposit Data - Review Deposit Data - Confirm Deposit Data Published

Main Functions for Users 1. Deposit Data 2. Access Data Look for data Review record Download files

Access Data Look for data Access Data Review/Download 22 Repository Architecture

Access services built on top of shared preservation system Repository service as broker between applications and storage

Micro-services instead of single, monolithic repository application Off-site storage and backup

Durable Data; Lightweight Interfaces 23 International Image Interoperability Framework The IIIF standard defines a set of APIs to support uniform and rich access to image-based resources

Supports interoperability Derivatives are generated on the fly Eliminates the need to make and store additional access copies Image Request URL Syntax {scheme}://{server}{/prefix}/{identifier}/{region}/{size}/{rotation}/{quality}.{format} e.g.,!512,512/0/

default.jpg 24 IIIF URL Syntax: Region

25 IIIF URL Syntax: Size

26 IIIF URL Syntax: Quality & Format 27

IIIF URL Syntax: Putting it all together 28

IIIF Viewer in the Digital Library Service OpenSeadragon An open-source, web-based viewer for high-resolution zoomable images, implemented in pure

JavaScript, for desktop and mobile. 29

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