Digital Technology within Occupational Therapy

Digital Technology within Occupational Therapy

Digital Technology within Occupational Therapy Attend anywhere Digital Photography Why use Attend Anywhere Study in Denmark highlighted improved outcomes, when using video conferencing to deliver a fatigue management programme to teenagers. Neuro team provides a service over pan Ayrshire and to 2 Islands, Arran and Millport Patients can be severely disabled and dependent on carers/family for support and travel Benefits of Attend Anywhere, cost and time savings for Patient and clinician Video Conferencing Users:4 staff members, 6 pts 1st appointment in clinic Calls:17

Hours: 8hours+2 failed attempts to connect 2 pts reverted back to face to face meetings due to connection issues. Pt using i.pad had one successful session and then ongoing connection issues following upgrade by VC support Ongoing phone calls to VC support. Barriers Ongoing issues with devices digital dictation and Attend Anywhere Sound problems Wi-fi signal Google chrome Safari Patient devices (not latest version) Staff Feedback Software upgrades created issues with connection and systems talking to each other

Positive experience for therapist, very easy for therapist OT OTanxieties anxietiesaround around connection connectionand andweb web based basedservices services removed removed Frustrating for Therapist and PT, due to ongoing sound issues When it works well it is great and very easy to use !! When it works well it is great !! Pt late to attend session, able to catch up on notes whilst

waiting connection Good option for Patients, wish my GP offered this Patient Feedback Pt frustrated with connection opted for face to face session Not having to use Pt transport to attend appointment, reduced anxieties This service saved me money and travel time, not having to travel to the main land Happy with web based service, Ease of use and convenience to self Recommendations Workshop to be used for attend anywhere Multiple devices, not to be used on same computer Hard wired connection where possible

PCs must have up to date software installed Laptop and i.pads available to use on Safari, should connection issues arise 2nd monitor recommended for pts notes and info Would drive me berserk, too unreliable when intervention relies on therapeutic relationship Brilliant, it is an option that works well Why use Digital Photography Increasing demands for pre-discharge home assessments, as part of rehab and discharge planning process Delayed discharges form acute hospitals and rehabilitation facilities Duplication

Access issues to property, Home & Environmental Visits H/E H/V H/E H/V H/E H/V Aug Aug Sep Sep Oct Oct Number Of Visits 5 4 10 1 7 4 Time Taken

7hrs 45 9hrs 5 12hrs 15 2hrs 20 9hrs 5 7hrs 30 Band Staff 6 ~2 5 ~1 4 ~2 7 6 5 4 7 ~4 5 ~4 4 ~2

6 ~1 4 ~1 6 ~2 5 ~2 4 ~4 7 6 5 4 Miles 134 131 180 50 73 109 Travel Costs 67.00 65.80 90.10 25.00

36.50 54.50 ~1 ~1 ~3 ~3 ~1 ~1 ~2 ~4 DATE VISIT CLINICIAN LOCATION TIME TAKEN Report Total time 24/10/19 H/E Kilmarnock

40min Travel 50min Visit 35 mins 2hrs 5mins 11/09/19 H/E Band 4 Kilmarnock 40mins Travel 1hr Visit 20 mins 2hrs 24/08/19 H/E Band 4 1.30hrs Travel 1hr Visit 20 mins

2hrs 50mins 11/09/19 H/E Band 6 West Kilbride 40 min travel 50 min visit 30 mins 2hrs 21/10/19 H/E Band 6 Kilwinning 20 min Travel 1hr 10 mins 30 mins 2hrs 4/10/19

H/E Band 5 Kilburnie 5 min to arrange. 50 mins travel. 60 mins visit 35 mins 2hrs 30 mins 17/09/19 H/E Band 5 Irvine 3 min to arrange 20 min travel 30 min visit 10 mins 1hr 3 mins 17/10/19 H/E

Band 5 Darvel Arrange: 5min Travel: 1hr 15 Visit: 45min 35 mins 2hrs 40 mins 25/09/19 H/E Band 6 Ayr Arrange: 6 min Travel: 1hr 10 Visit 5mins 5mins 1hr 26 mins 25/10/19 H/V Band 6

Band 4) Ayr Arrange: 8min Travel:1hr 50 Visit: 1hr 50 mins 3hrs 48 mins Band 4 Feedback from visits Transport issues Re-visited property as not enough information in home report Co-ordinating visits, staffing levels Visits were more complex, I feel the therapist would have required to go to the property even if there were photographs. Moving Forward Devices required How to store images safely Storage capacity Clinical mailbox Shared drive clinical goverance EMIS upload of image Updated information leaflets Photos define guidelines and standards,

avoiding recognisable images Phase1 Home visit carried out on 25.10.19 Patient provided with home visit leaflet and consent gained to take photographs during visit Images uploaded to computer, resized, printed out and attached to report Images deleted from i.pod Benefits Cost and Time Savings to NHS and staff Prompt assessment, able to identify Patient needs on admission and work towards these Timely referral process Timely discharge Removing access burden from relatives Improving Patient outcomes Next Steps

Phase 2 Upload and store images on EMIS Phase 3 Relatives to send in photographic images Collating information leaflet for relatives on taking images Source coloured printer to ensure detail is not lost from photographs Re-evaluate Roll Out across occupational therapy

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