Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns -

Indirect Objects Lets Review The Direct Object answers the question WHO or WHAT after the verb. When we identify the Direct Object we can replace it with a pronoun. The pronoun can be placed in the following locations: 1. Before the conjugated verb 2. Attached to an infinitive verb WHAT IS An INDIRECT OBJECT? The indirect object tells us WHO the direct object goes to.

Qu? For example, in the sentence: He gives the book to Mara. The direct object is BOOK, and the indirect object is Mara. Lets label some sentences... Label the SUBJECT, VERB, DIRECT OBJECT, and INDIRECT OBJECT. Johnny gives his dog a bone. ohnny gives a bone to his dog SUBJECT SUBJECT

VERB VERB I.D.O. D.O. D.O. I.D.O. ohnny gives his dog to the SPC SUBJECT VERB

I sing often. SUBJECT VERB D.O. I.D.O. SOME SENTENCES HAVE NO INDIRECT OBJECT! Lets do some moreYou find the INDIRECT OBJECT I give a lecture to the kids. We give the bill to Laura. You have to tell the price to us. Raul gave Eva the flowers.

Seor Rudis showed us the power point. Mom serves enchiladas to her guests. Ricky Martin gave the CD to my friends. You try these Mis amigos dan dinero a mis SUBJECT VERB D.O. I.D.O. padres. El perro de Leonardo juega SUBJECT VERB D.O. I.D.O. bisbol conmigo.

(with me) Su profesor de espaol ensea mucha gramaticaSUBJECT a losVERB I.D.O. D.O. alumnos. Nosotros hacemos, para las chicas SUBJECT VERBpastel. I.D.O. D.O. bellas, un Indirect Object Pronouns What is the problem with the following sentences?

I bought my friends a pizza. I go to the movies with my friends. THEM I play baseball with my friends. THEM I have many classes with my friends. THEM TOO MANY FRIENDS!!!! What should we do? . USE A PRONOUN!!! Indirect Object Pronouns in Spanish me te

nos os How do they work? 1. Identify the Indirect Object of the sentence. 2. Choose what pronoun to use 3. Eliminate the I.D.O. and replace with the le les pronoun. Roberto cocin la para pizza .

nosotros nos Where do we place the pronoun? 1. Before the conjugated verb. Voy a dar el disco a mi novia Yo le voy a dar el disco. 2. Attached to an infinitive. Voy a dar el disco a mi novia.. Voy a darle el disco. You try these. Re-write with a pronoun. 1. I sing for my parents.

2. Yo les We have to make coffee for our favorite Spanish teacher. canto. Tenemos que Le tenemos que hacer el c hacerle elto caf. 3. You have make dinner for your dumb, ungrateful family. T le tienes que hacer la Le tienes que cena. hacer 4. T ests comprando la television para m. la cena.

T me ests comprando T ests la tele. comprndome la tele. 5. Yo voy a dar un beso a todas las chicas feas y bonitas. Les voy a dar un Voy a darles un

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