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Dove Campaign Karen Castellan, Courtney Reale, Megan Swinimer, Courtney Thompson, Stacey Wilson All this talk about fashion models and extreme dieting. How did our idea of beauty become so distorted? ~Dove Self- Agenda

The timeline of the Dove campaign An overview of the Dove Beauty Campaign and Research Study Marketing of Unilever: Axe and Dove Controversy Positive Aspects of Unilever The Dove Campaign Dove is a division of Unilever The Dove brand was started in 1957 A variety of body care products Largest Personal Care brand

Timeline of the Dove Campaign September 2004 Begins with ad campaign showing real women who dont fit the ideal of beauty June 2005 Dove featured ads of six regular

women with real bodies and real curves Viewers asked to vote on the womens looks Dove Campaign for Real Beauty The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a marketing campaign

The campaign's mission is "to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence and not anxiety" The advertisements use regular women instead of professional models Timeline of the Dove Campaign September 2006 Short film, Evolution showing transformation of women through

makeup and airbrushing Dove Self-Esteem Fund Dove Self Esteem Fund Dove Self Esteem Fund shows they are committed to educating and inspiring girls to

build self esteem and become empowered women The Dove movement helps girls reach their potential in life and in body Since 2005 over eight hundred thousand in Canada have been touched by Dove Self-Esteem Fund Dove Campaign Video

Timeline of the Dove Campaign February 2007 Beauty Comes of Age reveals 91% of women ages 50-64 think that societal concepts of aging and beauty need to change Embracement of aging in women

2010 The Dove Movement for Self-Esteem ~7 million girls have been helped through educational programs and activities Timeline of Dove Campaign February 2011 - The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited

4% of women consider themselves beautiful 3% of girls 18- 64 would use the word beautiful 55% of Canadian girls feel pressure to be beautiful by age 14. 96% of Canadian girls feel pressure to be beautiful by age 29. 47% of Canadian girls (ages 10-17) avoid social activities because of lack of self-confidence Marketing of Unilever Axe and Dove Controversy The Axe Campaign vs. Dove

Real Beauty Unilever is the global company that owns both, Dove and Axe Axe is currently the leader in marketing for male hygiene products The Axe brand was originally started in France as Lynx in 1983. Axe was launched in North America in 2002 Axes real target market is middle school and high school boys between the ages of 12-18 Company Mission Statement

We help people around the world meet everyday needs for nutrition, hygiene and well-being, with brands that help people look good, feel good and get more out of life. Is Unilever a hypocrite or a marketing mastermind? Unilever creates brands that gain the appeal

of the targeted audience Dove targets and builds up the low selfesteem of women Axe targets and builds up the low selfesteem of men Marketing Stats Axe is a $2.5 billion global brand with relentless growth Axe currently owns a 72% share of the body-spray category Dove is the No. 1 personal wash brand nationwide Dove spent $57.1 million on advertising in 2012, according to the Kantar Media unit of WPP

Unilever employs more than 10,000 people in the United States and has generated over $9 billion in Unilevers Positive Message In a world of hype and stereotypes, Dove provides a refreshingly real alternative for women who recognize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and isnt simply about how you look its about how you feel.

Doves Real Women s http .ca/ ogle w.go ://w w

Conclusion The Dove Campaign has helped women and girls around the world feel better about themselves Dove has a goal to reach over 15 million girls with the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem by 2015 Dove is committed to destroying harmful stereotypes about our bodies and is creating a revolution of women eager to accept this change For More Information Please visit any of the following sites to

become a part of this movement: References Unilever (2013) Positive Self-Esteem Makes Girls Unstoppable. Photo. Dove social mission. Retrieved on 17 Sept. 2013 from: Women-In-Advertising-GSSC 1051. Dove campaign, Evolution. photo. Retrieved on 16 Sept. 2013 from: Dove. (2013). The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Dove US. Retrieved September 10, 2013, from Dove. (2011). New Research Finds a Girls Inner Beauty Critic Moves in by Age 14. Dove Canada. Retrieved September 15, 2013, from Unilever. Dove Brands in Action. photo. 2013 Retrieved on 20 Sept. 2013 from: Qtcheereotwnz. dove vs axe. Video. 26 Mar. 2009. Retrieved from:

Seth Barnet. unilever-logo. photo. 27 Sept. 2013. Retrieved 28 Sept. 2013 from Unilever. (2013). Dove. Unilever Canada. Retrieved September 18, 2013, from Dove. Doves Real Women. Photo. (2013) Retrieved 17 Sept. 2013 from:

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