DTRA CB101-NCT_SouthAmerica-5-7Feb-Draft-01_15_2019

DTRA CB101-NCT_SouthAmerica-5-7Feb-Draft-01_15_2019

DTRA CB: Safeguarding National Biodefense Dr. Richard Schoske Joint Science and Technology Office for Chemical and Biological Defense Defense Threat Reduction Agency June 13, 2019 Distribution Statement A: Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited UNCLASSIFIED CBDP Enterprise JSTO-CBD Mature technologies to JPEO-CBD

JPEO-CBD JRO-CBRN Requirements to JSTO-CBD Prioritized needs UNCLASSIFIED Solutions to warfighter 2 DTRA Mission The Defense Threat Reduction Agency enables DoD,

the U.S. Government, and International Partners to counter and deter Weapons of Mass Destruction and Improvised Threat Networks UNCLASSIFIED 3 Strategy: Deliver S&T Products CB Mission: Lead DoD science and technology to anticipate, defend and safeguard against chemical and biological threats for the warfighter and the nation. Prepare for Surprise Integrated Layered

Defense Integrated Early Warning UNCLASSIFIED 4 Integrated Early Warning UNCLASSIFIED 5 Integrated Layered Defense Decision management

Remote sensing Wearable sensing Layered warning/ decision Strategic/ Operational Situational Understanding UNCLASSIFIED 6

Vaccines/Therapeutics Division Provide our warfighters with vaccines and therapeutics to eliminate or mitigate biological threats thereby maintaining combat effectiveness and safeguarding lives. UNCLASSIFIED 7 Advanced and Emerging Threat Division Decision Management Diagnostics

Modeling & Simulation Protection Sensing & Detection Prepare for Surprise Chemical Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Threat Agent Science (TAS) UNCLASSIFIED

8 Detection/Diagnostics Division Provide our warfighters with indepth detection and diagnostic capabilities that enable early warning to inform rapid and efficient consequence management to include endemic and emerging diseases. UNCLASSIFIED 9 Info Systems/Surveillance Division Provide the warfighter with comprehensive data

analysis and fusion capabilities to support situational awareness, decision making, and threat management. UNCLASSIFIED 10 CB Research Center of Excellence Division Provide research and capabilities to the DoD labs to support chemical and biological defense. UNCLASSIFIED

11 Interagency Partners: DoD Laboratories Core Competency Study: Initial report submitted to OSD/On-going refinement Preserve DoD Lab core S&T competencies to conduct core CBDP RDT&E activities per DoDD 5160.05E Maintain both tangible and intangible assets Lab Commanders Meetings: Quarterly Scientists in the Foxhole/Boots in the Labs Events: On-going Translational Teaming

UNCLASSIFIED 12 International Collaboration Republic of Korea: 1 PA, sponsor of ECBC PA Germany: DTRA is Participant in Armys Defense Against Chemical Agents IEA US-UK Cooperation Chemical and Biological Science and Technology Stocktake

Countering WMD Stocktake United Kingdom: 1 PA, Sponsor of ECBC PA, 1 R&D IEA, Japan: 1 IEA Multilateral Engagement: Singapore: 1 PA, 1 IEA Israel: 3 PAs India: 2 PAs Australia: 1 IEA UNCLASSIFIED

13 Speed of Relevancy The hurricane response is preparation for the biological attack on the United States. UNCLASSIFIED 14 Other Transaction Authority UNCLASSIFIED 15 Priorities from the Top

SECDE F Restore readiness while building a more lethal force Strengthen alliances and attract new partners Bring business reforms to the DoD Not enough to protect force to survive, protect to fulfill mission Engage with end users Streamline business processesinnovation should address sustainability whenever possible CBD P

DTRA RD CB An improved focus on combat support mission Leveraging and expanding our collaboration with the interagency and international partners Facilitate innovation

Empowering the DTRA leadership and staff Deliver timely, innovative S&T solutions for our warfighters...(speed of relevancy) Engage our strategic partners and warfighters on the S&T technical horizon Strengthen current strategic alliances and encourage new partners to join the team Continue to develop and advance our world-class workforce driven by S&T innovation UNCLASSIFIED 16

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