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WPI e-Billing & e-Payment

Saves paper, time and money More efficient View real time, up to date account balance Pay via secure CashNet website or by

paper check E-Bill e-mailed to student @ wpi.edu address Student is responsible for setting up

parent or others as Authorized User Future e-Bills will be sent to student and Authorized Users E-Payment

Real Time update to your account balance Via secure CashNet website E-Check, ACH (Automated Clearing House) Credit Card (2.75% fee)

Master Card Discover American Express NOT VISA

Other Methods of Payment Paper check Please include upper portion of e-bill Bar code credits your account faster

Wire Transfer Domestic International Student Login

bannerweb.wpi.edu Select Student Services & Financial Aid Select Student Accounts

Select e-Bills and e-Payments Authorized User Add New

Add an authorized user Password must be at least 8 characters with 2 non alpha Student must inform parent of: Authorized User Name and

password Then Parent can log in: commerce.cashnet.com/wpipay Log on with the user name and pw set

for you by your student. You will be asked to change the password. Now you can view balance, bills & recent payments. You can make a

payment & store payment data. Need Help? E-mail us at [email protected] Call 508-831-5203

Thank you!

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