E-safety - The Carlton Junior Academy

E-safety - The Carlton Junior Academy

E-SAFETY BY MAYSIE BOOTH AND HARRY HEMINGWAY Our e-Safety Rules at school Like many schools we have eSafety rules including: .Never tell anyone your personal information .Check before you download anything. .Always put For Kids in the search bar

Example RomanFactsForKids .Close the lid or send the iPad to sleep if you see something inappropriate. Never shut it down. Then go and tell a responsible adult. YAPPY Yappy is your personal information that if you tell somebody online things could

get VERY serious and they could possibly steal your information and use is to hurt you. It is unquestionably important that you guard this with your life and make sure it stays secret to people you have not met online. Zip It, Block It, Flag It Copyright

. Use Creative Commons to find images on the internet. If you dont you are STEALING photos which is against the Copyright Laws! Bing- we use Bing to search for images safely HOW TO SEARCH FOR INFORMATION Teach the children to look at the domain names. This means look at the web

address. http://www.bbc.co.uk/ ac - an academic organization SO IF YOU SEE ANY co or com - a commercial organization OF THESE Edu - an educational institution ABBREVIATIONS THE gov - a government body WEBSITE IS USUALLY net - an organization involved in running the net SAFE. FAKE ONES

org - a non profit-making organization CANNOT USE THEM. sch - a school mil Military uk United Kingdom Sharing Images Online Remember dont share pictures online when you are wearing your school uniform with the logo

because people can track you down. Ask permission to post images online; it might put people at risk. Dont send embarrassing photos to social media of your friend because you dont know what your friend could do with it. Let us give you a photo. POPJAM Popjam is a online messaging app with

safety rules it can: .Block out mean and nasty messages .Allow you to let your creative mind flow by making awesome drawings with stickers .Take challenging quizzes Popjam is available for IOS and Android. It is restricted at 11pm to 6am. Social Media First things firstNEVER

TRUST PEOPLE ONLINE. Even if they seem nice. Social Media is just a mask. It is still okay to go online but follow these rules: . Follow the Y.A.P.P.Y rules ( see page 3 ) . Screenshot/save nasty or mean messages . Send positive messages . Remember the difference

between a real friend and an Example AwkwardStrandOfGrass: your good at reading Crazzydogs: thanx server: Me4nP3rs0nEx4mple joined the chat Me4nP3rs0nEx4mple: Oi U 2 AwkwardStrandOfGrass: Who are you Crazzydogs: yeah who are Me4nP3rs0nEx4mple: which school do U go to

Sever: Crazzydogs and AwkwardStrandOfGrass logged off CEOP CEOP is the online police server which you can tell if your being bullied and they will do the hard part you. All you need to do is click on the icon. If it is not

there just go on the website. Thank you for watching

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