e-WQMP Training - New Jersey

e-WQMP Training - New Jersey

Office of Water Resources Management Coordination E-WQMP Training November 6, 2017 Public Hearing Room 9:00 am 11:00 am Todays Events E-WQMP Overview Walkthrough Video Questions & Answers E-WQMP Overview 7:15-1.7 Water quality management plan data and mapping format (a) The text of proposed WQM plan revisions and amendments shall be submitted in an electronic format that is compatible with the Department's software capabilities. Information regarding the Department's software capabilities may be obtained by contacting the

Department at OWRMC. (b) All maps in WQM plan amendments and revisions shall be prepared and submitted electronically in a digital format which is consistent with the Department's mapping standards at N.J.A.C. 7:1D Appendix A. Other maps at other scales may be provided as supplements. The digital maps shall be accurate, at a minimum, to a scale of 1:12,000. The Department recommends that the creation of new digital mapping information for areawide WQM plan revisions and amendments be prepared in a format that conforms to the "New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Geographic Information System Mapping and Digital Data Standards" guidance document, as amended or updated. Guidance related to the mapping and digital data standards is available at the Department's website at http://www.state.nj.us/dep/gis. E-WQMP Overview Develop an electronic application system Easier for applicants to submit a(n) amendment/revision Make staff more efficient at processing applications Timely adoption of amendments/revisions

Development began in January 2016 and concluded in September 2017 Development Testing More testing And more testing E-WQMP Overview Old Application(s) Form A New Application(s) Form A

Form B Form C Form B Form C Form D Form E 20 Pages E-WQMP Application Form D Form E

11 Pages 4 Pages Average is 17 minutes for Amendments. Directions for Shapefile Submittal Purpose: This document will provide directional text in order to ensure proper shapefile submittal and acceptance. Failure to follow these directions may result in the delay or denial of the shapefile submission. Please note that shapefiles are required. This service will not accept AutoCad extensions (which include but are not limited to; DST, DWF, DWFx, DWG, DWS, DWT DXB, DXF, etc.) How the shapefile looks in Windows Explorer 1. How the shapefile needs to be submitted

to the Service The submission of the shapefile must contain the Sewer Service Area only. You will be required to submit an Official Map at the end of the service (in PDF format). A. Create a polygon shapefile E. Populate all the attribute information E. Save the shapefile submission F. Resave the files into a compressed zip file 2. The shapefile should be labeled in the following format: County/MuniName_MonthDayYear_SSAMap i.e. MercerCounty_01312016_SSAMap 3. The shapefile submitted may contain multiple files but upon submission the shapefile must contain the following core files: .shp: .shx: .dbf: .prj:

ESRI file that represents the feature geometry. ESRI and AutoCAD shape index position. Standard database file used to store attribute data and object IDs. This file type contains the shapefiles coordinate and projection system. 4. The shapefiles Attribute Table must contain the following fields and those fields must be populated unless indicated below: WQMP: Indicates the Areawide Water Quality Management Plan that the submission falls within. WMP: Indicates the Wastewater Management Plan Document Name that the submission is amending/revising. TYPE: Indicates the type of discharge that the facility will use in order to process wastewater, these include:

SW (Surface Water) or GW (Ground Water) FACNAME: Indicates the name of the facility that will process the wastewater from the submission. If unknown due to the facility being proposed, please put TBD WMPAGCY: Indicates the Wastewater Management Planning Agency that is responsible for wastewater management planning. This is normally the Designated Planning Agency or the County's Board of Chosen Freeholders. However, in Bergen, Union, and Warren County, it is the Municipal Planning Board NJPDES: Indicates the permit number of NJPDES-regulated wastewater treatment plant serving the wastewater service area. If permit has not been issued, please place a 0 NJPDESFL: Indicates the NJPDES permit flow for the wastewater treatment plant. This number should be recorded in Million Gallons Per Day (MGD). If permit has not been issued yet, please place 0 PLANNINGFL: Indicates total wastewater treatment plant projected planning flow. This number should be recorded in Million Gallons Per Day (MGD). COMMENTS: This field does not need to be populated, its use to denote special circumstances. E-WQMP Overview Site Specific Walkthrough Complete WMP Walkthrough WMP Component

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