Earth Science Literacy Principles: Making Impacts and Forging ...

EARTH SCIENCE LITERACY PRINCIPLES: MAKING IMPACTS AND FORGING CONNECTIONS Michael Wysession Washington University Karen Campbell National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics Nicole LaDue Michigan State University

Gary Lewis GSA John Taber IRIS What has not been addressed in previous efforts?

Mineralogy Petrology Economic Geology Sedimentology/ Stratigraphy Paleontology Tectonics Geophysics

Geomorphology Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry Continental Dynamics Volcanology Geohazards Freshwater Hydrologic Sciences Organizing Committee Chair: Michael Wysession, Washington University

Co-chair: John Taber, IRIS David Budd, University of Colorado Karen Campbell, National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics Martha Conklin, University of California, Merced Nicole LaDue, NSF Gary Lewis, GSA Robert Raynolds, Denver Museum of Science and Nature Robert W. Ridky, USGS Robert Ross, PRI Barbara Tewksbury, Hamilton College Peter Tuddenham, College of Exploration

Process Two-week asynchronous online workshop May 11-23, 2008 ~150 invited scientist participants ~200 scientist and educator observers Writing Workshop July 21-23, 2008, Washington University, St. Louis MO 35 scientists and educators from academia, K-12, agencies Community Comment Periods

Online feedback surveys October 2008: GSA talk and townhall December 2008: AGU poster and townhall 9 Big Ideas Earth Scientists use repeatable observations and testable ideas to understand and explain our planet Earth is 4.6 billion years old Earth is a complex system of interacting rock, water, air and life Earth is continuously changing Earth is the water planet

Life evolves on a dynamic Earth and continuously modifies Earth Humans depend on Earth for resources Natural hazards pose risks to humans Humans significantly alter the Earth Getting the message out Over 40,000 copies of brochure distributed to organizations and individuals so far Includes 16,000 for 2009 AGI Earth Science Week packets and 7000 distributed via Earth magazine

Getting the message out Colleges and universities across the US and internationally National and regional scientific and educational meetings Middle schools, high schools, 4H clubs, museums, parks Institutions and individuals involved in the development of the document

Professional Earth science related societies, State Departments of Natural Resources, State Geologists Alignment to Standards State curriculum writing Development of K-12 geoscience curriculum in the Beaumont Independent School District (Beaumont, TX). Shared with NRC/NAS Board on Science Education Revising NSES on cross-cutting themes

How are the literacy documents being used? Foundation for Pearson Educations Prentice Hall Earth Science Big Ideas in their new national middle school science program, Interactive Science Module on "Water, Air, and Weather" Foundation for Pearson Educations Earth Science Big Ideas Module on Earths surface

How are the literacy documents being used? Required alignment in 2009 RFP by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for climate change videos Adapted for use in other related disciplines Blogging on sand and the 9 big ideas - Michael Welland Collaborations Windows to the Universe web site, along with others AAPG??

Earth Scientist - NESTA?? Potential Next Steps - invitation to others Work with undergraduate-level textbook authors Versions for different audiences Policy makers K12 Integration into an Earth systems science framework

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