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East Aurora Framework Overview - samsconnect.com

L E V E R A G I N G C O N S I S T E N C Y F O R A L L T O M A X I M I Z E C U LT U R E A N D C L I M AT E D A N V I L L E H I G H S T R A N S F O R M AT I O N A L J O U R N E Y SAM CONFERENCE JANUARY 26, 2018 WHO ARE WE? Kimberly Norton Danville High Principal Former Elementary

Principal Former Middle School Assistant Principal Greg Wagers School Administrati on Manager Markesha Parker

Danville High School-Viking Academy Director AVID Site Administrator Elementary Teacher WHO ARE WE?

https://youtu.be/6Uk4yRxi YrI WHERE WE LIVE? 32 miles east of Champaign; 81 miles west of Indianapolis Danville High School-Community HUB Home of Dick Van Dyke Community that well supports the arts District enrollment 6,200

Danville population 32,483 Vermilion County population 80,000 CHALLENGES, NOT EXCUSES Did you know? The overall crime rate in Danville is 164% higher than the national average. For every 100,000 people, there are 20.56 daily crimes that occur in Danville. In Danville you have a 1 in 14 chance of

becoming a victim of any crime. The number of total year over year crimes in Danville has decreased by 3% GOALS FOR THIS SESSION Following this session, participants should be able to Utilize tools for examining cultural improvements over time Recognize characteristics of a culturally responsive educator Understand the importance of relentless focus and developing processes

Create a rigorous and equitable learning environment by implementing strategies that embrace student differences and strengthen relational capacity (growth mindset) WHO ARE YOU? (RELATIONAL CAPACITY) 1. Fold your name tent and write your first name on both sides. 2. On the inside, create the Imaginative Name Tent squares. Draw

Something that you do well. Draw something that you like to do. Draw something List four words that you value. that describe you.

Inside of the name tent Ou te tsi nt de of th e

na m e WHO ARE YOU? (RELATIONAL CAPACITY) Find someone in the room you do not know. Introduce yourselves using your name tent.

IMAGINATIVE NAME TENT ACTIVITY What was the purpose of this activity? How did this activity strengthen our relationships? What challenges, if any did you have with this activity? How does this help connect with students who might face similar difficulties? In order to learn as students or adults, we must build relationships

and finds ways to connect. THE IMPACT WE HAVE ON OTHERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxyxywShewI Change OUR JOURNEY Why did we do what we did? How did we do it?

What did we do and learn? OUR WHY Actuallythree years ago, in Danville Illinois, three administrators were added to the high school with the third and final year of a SIG Grant and now the rest of the storyto see how consistency

WHY Saw concern with graduation rate and giving our student more opportunities before students leave high school Clear expectations and common language needed to present across the building. This also refers to policies and practices. Student-centered environment needed priority rather than adult-centered. PLCs and planning needed greater focus. Common formative and summative assessments needed more collaboration on planning, creating, and reviewing. Needed to focus on social/emotional support as much as

academic HOW Teachers being accountable for grade data each week and having a consistent method of monitoring We have partnered with our local community college to get close or earn an Associate Degree simultaneously with high school graduation. All teachers needed to have a syllabus that reflect their classroom management and expectations (See classroom vs. office handout). Connected with Ken Williams at SAM and brought him to

Danville. More opportunities for students to connect with other students and share their voice. Teachers worked with the Curriculum Director to fine-tune assessments and have them vetted with rigor, alignment, etc. HOW? With so much to focus on, where did we begin? One major focus every year 1. PLCs (Solution Tree) and planningattempted SMART goals

2. Grading categories 832 down to 2/instructional variation (Utilize building leaders) 3. Grading practices and focused PD (own staff providing DI) WHAT Every week an on track report is ran to determine the percentage of students on track in each grade. Google docs has been our savior! Families receive half on tuition when enrolled in a dual credit course. A map is shared with families to provide course options for Associate Degree attainment. The Classroom vs. Office Matrix has clarified the method

in which discipline should be followed. An Upstander Council was created as students prepare to launch a self reporting app and voice issues and concerns that pertain to the school environment. A Young Women and Mens Empower Group were formed for students at risk. Channel One has served to highlight and market DHS. Lead4Life has been initiated to help all freshmen. MEASURING SUCCESS Data and where we began Culture/climate Find celebrations

Continue to be visionary, unite in planning SAM PROCESS AND SUPPORT DHS is a community hub and management vs. instruction Importance of team and weekly review Leveraging the right individuals and tracking time spent Trust and inclusion in meetings Everyday decision making Time and experience

WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED Dear staff of all kinds, Thank you for rising each day to help someone even though you dont always get the best response back. Thank you for the simple yet important things like a hug when the work seems too much to handle, a kind heart through someone's first heartbreak, or just allowing us to be a helping hand with your extra work. I myself, and many others wouldn't be here today if it werent for all of you. Your hard work daily even on the weekends and never give up. You take your spare time off the clock and even your lunch to help students that are struggling. It's a job that takes a big heart because school staff don't get paid all that much (mostly for what you

put up with these days) but, you care enough to keep and love your career anyway. All teachers/staff truly change lives each day. I used to not try at all when I first came to Danville but, after my teacher who is now my mentor showed me I have potential I've been successful since, with the help of many other staff I still see at DHS today! I've even climbed to peaks I never thought I could reach before. Luckily I and all students never have to reach those peaks alone. Thanks to the supportive people we see each week. Thank you for being inspirational, innovating, passionate, and just being you! Lastly, thank you all for having faith in each and every students future! Your kindness will be remembered and appreciated forever by many. OUR CONTACT

INFORMATION Kimberly Norton [email protected] 217.444.1501 Twitter: @Nortonk_118 Greg Wagers [email protected] 217-444-1503 Markesha Parker [email protected] 217-444-1565

QUESTIONS? Resource Link http://bit.ly/ 2rj12ya

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