ECT555 Design/Strategies for E-Commerce

ECT555 Design/Strategies for E-Commerce

IS372 Project Management Olayele Adelakun (Ph.D) Associate Professor CTI Office: Room 735 CTI 7th Floor Phone: 312-362-8231 Fax: 312-362-6116 Email : [email protected] Web: Agenda Expectation? Course Overview

The Project Management Problem Project Management Overview Selecting Projects The Aggregate Project Plan 02/10/20 2 Expectations? 02/10/20 3 Expectations? 1. Reasons to study project management

It is a profession that is always in demand It pays well PM skills is useful and applicable to everyday work Worldwide IT spending continues to grow 02/10/20 In 2003, the average senior project manager in the U.S. earned

almost $90,000 per year, and the average Project Management Office (PMO) Director earned more than the average Chief Information Officer ($118,633 vs. $103,925). IT spending will grow by another 5.7 percent in 2005, to reach $795 billion. Success rate is still low (about 16-20%) 4 Advantages of Using Formal Project Management

Better control of financial, physical, and human resources. Improved customer relations. Shorter development times. Lower costs. Higher quality and increased reliability. Higher profit margins. Improved productivity. Better internal coordination. Higher worker morale (less stress). 02/10/20 5 Agenda

Expectations? Course Overview 02/10/20 6 Course Overview 02/10/20

Objective Topics Course Materials Assignments Guidelines 7 Objectives A better understanding of issues that could make a project succeed or fail

To learn about managing the software development process To learn about the responsibilities of project managers To apply project management concepts by working in a group as team leader or active team member 02/10/20 8 Topics

Software Project Manager and the project team members responsibilities Project planning and communications Budgeting and Scheduling Allocating Resources to the Project Project Monitoring and Controlling Evaluating and Terminating Projects 02/10/20 9 Course Materials Kathy Schwalbe (2008). Information Technology Project Management, 5th

Edition, Course Technology, ISBN: 0-61921526-7 . 02/10/20 10 Grading Individual Assignments 20% Group Project 30% Midterm 20%

Class Participation 10% Final 20% 02/10/20 11 Group Assignment 3-5 students The purpose of the team project is to use a structured approach to project management in a team setting.

Each student will propose a potential project. Example projects Developing a web site for disaster victims (e.g. Hurricane Katrina) Creating a database system for XYZ

Project Deliverable 02/10/20 Week 4 status report Week 9 project presentation Week 10 final project document 12 Questions 02/10/20 13

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