Eduqas Poetry Anthology Revision -

Eduqas Poetry Anthology Revision -

Eduqas Poetry Anthology Revision Challenge Grids Part One The Manhunt by Simon Armitage Why does Armitage choose to write from the wifes perspective rather than the soldier? Which key aspects of war did Armitage perhaps set out to highlight? Why? Where does the writer use What connotations does exploratory verbs within the title hold? How does it the poem? Select one to possibly mislead us? explore through KWA. What inspired the poem? Do What types of conflict are you think it captures the presented within the ideas effectively? poem? Give at least two ideas and support with evidence. Meaning Context Structure The meter is irregular and rhyme scheme is disjointed (almost rhymes but not quite). What might this reflect? How did Armitage hope to create an alternative war poem here? At what point does the wife make a breakthrough? How do you know? Language Where does the poet use exploratory verbs? Explore one through KWA to consider how it presents the wife. Which other poem shows similar ideas? How so? Where does the poet use imagery of fragility?

Explore one example through KWA. How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas. Is this an authentic representation of love? In your opinion, can someone that hasnt experienced love claim to understand it enough to write a poem about it? She loves with my childhoods faith,- how has love made her child-like? How did Browning meet her future husband? How might this have therefore not been a conventional relationship? Meaning Context How are Brownings ongoing health problems reflected in the poem? What is the significance of the exclamation mark? Why might she feel she needs to use it? In your opinion, which is the most powerful metaphor used to depict love? Structure Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth How does the use of rhyme and What might she be orderly structure/ iambic referring to as a Browning pentameter fit or challenge husbands , most quiet what you would expect of a love poem? need? (hint hint, get the dinner on) Why might Browning have chosen to write this as a sonnet based on what you know about her? How is the title anti-climatic? Why might it not be loverelated? Give two possible

reasons. Why might Browning feel the need to open the poem with a question? Language Where does Browning repeatedly use religious imagery? Explore one example with KWA. How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas. London by William Blake Why are the individuals described within the poem either desperate or lacking in compassion? Name three typical jobs in Victorian London and explain this information is relevant to the poem. How do the people of London How does the regular iambic feel the effect of the pentameter reflect the ideas charterd streets? within the poem? How might the richer classes have reacted to Blakes poem? Why might this be? Meaning Context How could London be relevant today? Structure What do each of the four quatrains show us about London? Draw a picture for each to explore your ideas. How is the final one most powerful? How successful was Britain at the time of Blake writing? Where is juxtaposition used within the poem? Choose the best example and explore using KWA. Language

How does the imagery used within the line, Runs in blood down Palace walls depict London, or even England at the time? How might every person feel, working for little money and in such dangerous conditions? Explore the imagery used within the line, mindforged manacles I hear. Why hear and not see? How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas. The Soldier by Rupert Brooke According to Brooke, how should a soldier react to dying in action? How would soldiers have reacted to this poem? Give two possible ideas with reasons. Where does Brooke use repeated religious imagery? Explore one example- what is he implying about fighting for your country? Explore the imagery of the line, a dust whom England bore, shaped how is Brooke implying the soldiers should feel towards England? Why? Brooke uses a great deal of sibilance within this poem- in your opinion, is this more evident within the first or second half? How does this reflect what is being described? What could have been Brookes motivation to write this poem? Was this poem an accurate Why is England depicted as depiction of WW1? Why/why not? superior within this poem? Why is it ironic that Brooke did not serve on the front line, dying before he got the opportunity to go to battle? Meaning

Context Structure The poem uses a sonnet structure; if the first part depicts the honourable death of a soldier, what does the second half describe? Language What does the aggressive alliteration of, foreign field imply about England, or the countries they fight against? Explore the personification of Britain; why might Brooke have chosen feminine imagery? How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas. She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron 4 In your opinion, which is the How is this poem an effective most flattering line within the example of Romanticist poem? Why? poetry? How do the qualities used to describe her differ between the first and the final stanza? He describes her nameless grace Which wave in every raven tress,- explore the connotations of raven. Why was Lord Byron, mad, bad and dangerous to know? Why does he use an exclamation mark in the final line? Give two possible reasons. How might women have been treated in the time that Byron wrote this poem? Use the poem to form your ideas. Do you think this was to

convince a woman of his love or simply appreciate her appearance? Use evidence to justify your decision (or attempt both sides of the argument). How does the rhyme scheme make his attempt more effective/convincing? Does his flattery get more or less effective? 3 2 1 Why does Byron use so much sibilance in the line, thoughts serenely sweet express? Why are women presented as both heavenly and devilish within the poem? Why does he use light and darkness to depict the woman? Use KWA to explore your ideas. How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas. Living Space by Imtiaz Dharker How do you think people living in the slums feel, based upon the worlds in the poem? How is imagery used to portray fragility within the poem? Give a magic 3 pieces of information about Dharker. Meaning Context Why was cultural difference important to Dharker? What reasons might there be Explore the verb choices for the disjointed and made by the poet in the fragmented poetic structure? first stanza.

What is the significance of the word, faith in the final line? Based upon your knowledge of the poet, why might she have written this poem? Give at least two reasons. Do you think Western society have misconceptions towards the slums? In your opinion, is the poet What interpretations can you In the final stanza, what presenting the slums in a make from the title of the do the eggs represent? positive or negative way? poem? Structure Language How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas. How is Time presented throughout the poem? Explore the importance of the oxymoron, harrowing Grace. How can Grace be harrowing? Dickinson lived in solitude, existing as a spectator of life. Where is this evident here? Meaning Context Dickinson was quite simply, obsessed with death in her solitude. To what extent do you agree? Why might Dickinson choose dashes over more formal, traditional punctuation? What might a light escape into the Beautiful describe? Structure As Imperceptibly as Grief by Emily What might each of the four Why are certain words stanzas represent? capitalised within the

Dickinson poem? Choose two to How is the fact that Dickenson was a social recluse relevant to this particular poem? How does the speakers mood change within the poem? Language explore further. What type of loss do you think Dickinson was exploring here? Give at least two ideas. What does imperceptibly mean? How is it relevant here? How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas. Cozy Apologia by What is meant by the Explore the heroic Rita Dove rhetorical question in the imagery used within the Do you think the speaker prefers content, comfortable love or passionate, fiery love? How is hurricane Flloyd relevant to the ideas within the poem? How does the sibilance of the line, kiss you senseless, portray the speakers previous lovers? How does the rhyme scheme contrast against the ideas discussed within the poem? Knowing that Doves husband is Fred, what might this be an apology for? Doves relationship with her husband was an interracial one and not widely accepted

within society. How is this relevant to the poem? Finish the sentence, the key message of the poem is that love is. CHALLENGE: However, it could be argued that.. Explore the juxtaposition of the words within the title. Meaning Context Structure final stanza? What answers may the speaker expect? Language first stanza; how does this present the speakers lover as patriarchal? How does the poet want the reader to react to the fact her love, falls short of the Divine? Why does the speaker believe that compact disks and faxes mean people no longer risk for love? How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas. How does the speaker feel an onion is a superior gift to demonstrate their love? Explore the metaphor, it is a moon wrapped in brown paper. Carol Ann Duffy is a feminist, known for writing about unrequited love or the ugly side of love. How is this relevant to Valentine? Meaning Context Duffy also wrote a poem called

Medusa, where the speaker (a mythological goddess with snakes heads for hair) threatens to turn her lover to stone. How is Valentine similar? How does the one line alliterated stanza, Im trying to be truthful act as a volta within the poem? The speaker isnt confirmed as, but could only possibly be a woman. Do you agree or disagree? Structure Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy How does the mood of the speaker change in two ways from the loving, generous tone at the start of the poem? As a wobbling photo of grief, how is love wobbling, within the poem? Duffys poem Education for Leisure caused a huge debate when an exam board decided to withdraw it from an exam syllabus because of a complaint about its contents. How might this poem be controversial? What does the cyclical line of, we are, for as long as we are, imply about the speakers love? Give two ideas. What misconceptions of love is Duffy trying to highlight to the reader? Language The only alliteration used is, cute card or a kissogram. What might Duffy be implying about clichs (or overused alliteration in poems?!) How many points can you accumulate in twenty minutes? Use short, direct quotations to extend ideas.

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