Effective Wood Smoke Communications Campaign

Effective Wood Smoke Communications Campaign

Effective Wood Smoke Communications Campaign How to Change Wood Burning Behaviors and Who to Target The Human Element the proper function of wood burning appliances is in the hands of the user. The knowledge level and attitude of the user will be reflected in the amount of smoke their wood heating activities produce. We know there are users who take great pride in the fact that their neighbors are scarcely aware that they heat with wood because smoke

is almost never visible at their chimney top. We also know that [there are] people who dont care ... John Gulland The Woodpile Social Marketing Works Outreach Versus Social Marketing

You-Centered Dissemination is broad 4Ps are not considered Occasionally includes research Measurement is minimal Them-Centered Audience Segmentation

4Ps are considered Research is key Incentives Testing and measurement is critical Social Marketing Steps

Conduct a situation analysis Determine target audience Set objectives and goals Identify barriers, benefits and the competition Define message Develop the strategic marketing mix what tools and incentives?

Implementation Evaluation Washington Wood Smoke Campaign Main Campaign Elements Facilitated agreement on goal and objectives Statewide research Messaging and creative development Focus group testing

Pilot project implementation Pre- and post-pilot project survey Report out and evaluation Target Audience Profile

More male than female Rural 36 and older $25,000 - $75,000 Caucasian High school or degree Children or no children More likely to be concerned about air quality (but not significantly)

Although think air quality is good or excellent but more concerned than others with air quality Thinks wood smoke is insignificant cause of air quality issues and does not impact health Not aware of family members with health issues (or so they think)

The Core Message is Dry Firewood Benefits Seasoned Firewood Burn Bans More heat Less work Save money

For the health of the community Avoid a ticket Behaviors Seasoned Firewood Burn Bans Stack wood that allows proper circulation Cover the woodpile to

protect it Hold firewood for at least six months before burning Check air quality status through air district website Do not burn if a burn ban is in place Barriers

Seasoned Firewood Burn Bans Think already doing it right Dont want to and cant wait six months The wood they purchased is already purchased Dont know when there is

a burn ban Not sure how to check Dont believe burning makes a difference Message Delivery Focus on heat and less work, versus health or air quality Find credible partners to share messages (fire officials or loggers)

Storage for six months is probably the biggest gap Educating on health is barrier to acceptance Wood Smoke Reduction Starts with Dry Firewood Teach People How to Dry Firewood www.BurnDryFirewood.com What Weve Learned?

The right target audience Non-health messaging works Messages need to be very simple and cost-effective Incentives are necessary Mix of workshops and events, plus traditional marketing Collaborate to build tools and systems The right partners are key Marketing works! Who We Are?

Lisa Woodard, Spokane Clean Air Agency Amy Warren, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Dan Nelson, Olympic Clean Air Agency Laura Curley, Northwest Clean Air Agency Dave Caprile, Yakima Clean Air Agency Claudia Vaupel, EPA Region 10 Tami Dahlgren and Miriam Duerr, Washington State Department of Ecology Erika Schmidt, APR, Frause

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