Efficiency of Juice Clarifier/ Bagasse Cillo Removal Haseeb ...

Efficiency of Juice Clarifier/ Bagasse Cillo Removal Haseeb ...

HASEEB WAQAS SUGAR MILLS LTD EFFICIENCY OF JUICE CLARIFIER PRESENTED BY: ATIF SATTAR (GENERAL MANAGER) ABSTRACT Over the year clarification system in sugar industry has been improved. This presentation

is also related the issue of juice clarification in SRI clarifier (due to its low retention time). Temperature fluctuation create major problem in juice clarification, The HWSML has faced the same problem (mostly at cane crushing fluctuation). The problem has been rectified by maintaining constant Temp. of juice and Reduction in juice velocity by installation of DC Heater along with Weir Box and get a great benefit, as now the cost of production is at peak and price of sugar is low.

INTRODUCTION The clear juice play a vital role during processing and key to produce good quality of sugar with minimum loss. There are number of factors depending upon the clarifier efficiency and juice clarity. Temperature of juice Retention time Juice velocity

PH P O Flow Rate Mud Volume CONTD Gases Removal Brix of juice Flocculent dose Bagacillo quantity Complete chemical reaction of CaO

But the major factor is constant and consistent temperature of SRI clarifier around the clock (due to its short retention time). Due to low temperature the bagacillo and mud carryovers create a major problem during sugar boiling and processing. CONTD Cleaning problems at Evaporator and

reduction in H.S 2. Chocking of Centrifugal screens and Reduction in screening area. 3. Exhaustibility of F.M. 4. Product color 5. Sugar loss For removal of Bagacillo and Mud carryovers various good steps has been taken in sugar industry. Like rotary screen and retention time etc.

In Season 2014 15 HWSM Ltd has been taken step to over come the problems which gave a remarkable success. 1. CONTD (A). Installation of Direct Contact heater at secondary juice heating (107c) at last stage by 1st vapour ( 112c). (B). Installation of weir box at juice entry in Clarifier.

(A). Direct contact Heater not only economical in shape of cost and cleaning but also help to reduce energy required and assets to complete the chemical reaction between CaO contents and PO contents of juice The energy balance of DC Heater is given below. Cane crushing = 8000 TCD @ 333 Ton / hour. Exhaust Steam (125C) required = 8.8 Ton / hour to raise temperature(from 92C to 107 C) Exhaust Steam Heating value 522 Kcal/kg. 1st Vapour (112C) required = 8.65 Ton / hour Indirect Heating to raise temperature(from 92C to 107 C)

1st vap. Heating value 531 Kcal/kg. CONTD 1st Vapour (112C) required = 7.14 Ton / hour Direct Heating to raise temperature(from 92C to 107 C) 1st vap. Heating value 643 Kcal/kg. Energy saving by direct heating = 1.51 Ton / hour. Extra energy required due to addition of water (N/5) = 1.43 Ton / hour.

There is no big difference between heat loss and gain, (because some heat loss in leakages due to indirect heating) but gain a lot of following advantages. The exhaust steam saving will be used for Pre juice heating of final stage to rise juice temperature 115C - 120C minimum for spontaneously evaporation and rise in Temp. of vapours specially in Robert evaporators. CONTD Constant and consistent juice Temp. (107C ) maintained by 1st vapour.

Due to extra addition of water juice brix decreased. Clarification effect increase by 2 to 3 No cleaning required. Reduction in juice velocity. Cost effective. Shining juice without bagacillo and Mud carryovers. Reduction in CaO contents of juice From 900 to 600 ppm.

DC Heater also assist to complete chemical reaction between lime contents and juice impurities which not only reduce CaO contents of juice, but also produce heavy Mud floc necessary for rapid settling of mud in Clarifier ( resulting rise in purity of juice and better clarification). Complete reaction mechanism can be achieved by increasing entropy of molecules through time and again hitting with metal parts of Heater i.e deflection plates and

contact trays. ( as mention in next slide). DESIGN OF DC HEATER (HWSML) INSTALLATION OF WEIR BOX For smooth laminar juice flow before entrance of juice in Clarifier. Design of Weir Box Dimension = 4x4x6 Feet

CONCLUSION If there are not thousand of dollars available for big modification does not means that a small effort cannot be unique and give thoroughly satisfying results and is not the final seal on the project. Installation of only one DC Heater at secondary juice heating last stage has a remarkable results. ACKNOWLEDGMENT

Author is highly grateful to higher management for presentation of this paper in P.S.S.T convention. Special thanks to the whole HWSML team. THANKS Any Questions

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