El Subjuntivo

El Subjuntivo

El Subjuntivo Las Reglas, La Formacin y WEDDING Subjuntivo vs Indicative Indicative Tense (Present Tense) vs Subjuntive Factual Information emotions True/Certain certain, Doubtful Feelings, Not

opposite endings. AR VERBS- e , es, e, emos, en ER/IR Verbs- a, as, a, amos , an a /e amos/ emos as/ es a/ e an/ en

Ejemplos: The subjunctive expresses what the speaker wants others to do. He wants me to talk ( l quiere que yo hable) I want you to talk. ( Yo quiero que t hables) They want her to talk. She wants us to talk. I want you guys to talk. IRREGULARS Examples of Spelling Changes and Stem Changing Verbs Irregular Verbs- All irregularities apply in all forms in the subjunctive If irregular in the present tense YO form- then irregular in all forms

CAR, GAR, ZAR VERBS Tocar-toque, toques, toque, toquemos, toquen Pagar- pague, pagues, pague, paguemos, paguen Empezar- empiece, empieces, empiece, empecemos, empiecen YO GO VERBS- YOGA Decir- diga, digas, diga, digamos, digan tener- tenga, tengas, tenga, tengamos, tengan Hacer- haga, hagas, haga, hagamos, hagan Poner- ponga, pongas, ponga, pongamos, pongan Salir- salga, salgas, salga, salgamos, salgan Venir-venga, vengas, venga, vengamos, vengan STEM CHANGING VERBS Pedir- pida, pidas, pida, pidamos, pidan Servir-sirva, sirvas, sirva, sirvamos, sirvan Poder- pueda, puedas, pueda, podamos, puedan

We use WEDDING to remember the verbs that form the subjunctive clause. The verb in the first clause (the main verb) is in the indicative and implies: Will/Wish ,want (Querer, Desear) Emotion (Amar, Odiar, Temer) Demands (Pedir, Exigir, Recomendar) Doubt- (Dudar) Impersonal Expressions ( Es importante que.., Es necesario que.) No Creo. Negation

G- Ojal que ( I hope to God Qu es el Indicativo? We have studied the indicative mood which expresses factual information, certainty, and objectivity. The indicative is objective (no personal opinion)! Tenses include: present,preterite,imperfect,future,etc. Ella es de Espaa. Yo estudio mucho para la clase de espaol. T sacaste una buena nota en el examen. Qu es el Subjuntivo? The subjunctive is a verb mood it

reflects how the speaker feels about the situation. The subjunctive is subjective (personal opinion)! Ex. Art The subjunctive expresses will, wishes, emotions, impersonal expressions, requests, recommendations, doubt, denial and uncertainty. Las Reglas para el Subjuntivo

The subjunctive has two verbs, each in its own clause. There must be a change of person or subject in the main verb and dependent verb. Yo quiero que t vayas. (2 people) Yo quiero ir. (1 person) The two clauses, verbs, are joined by que. Yo no quiero que ella llegue tarde. Es posible que llueva maana. El maestro les exige que los estudiantes estudien. WEIRDO Use the subjunctive in the dependent clause when the main clause expresses:

Will/Wish Emotion Impersonal Expressions Request/Recommendation Doubt/Denial Ojal Las Reglas The present subjunctive can be used for present tense and for the future, not the past. The pronouns (reflexive, direct, and indirect) always come before the conjugated verb, not after like affirmative commands. Las Reglas

The second clause after QUE (dependent verb) is the subjunctive. To form the subjunctive, conjugate the verb in the yo form of the present tense (conocer = conozco) Drop the o (conozc-) Add the opposite ending for the verb ER/IR takes AR endings- ella conozca AR verbs take ER/IR endings t hables AR- e, es, e, emos, en ER/IR- a, as, a ,amos, a Spelling Changes -car,-gar,-zar =-carque, -gargue, -zarceque, -garque, -gargue, -zarcegue, -zarque, -gargue, -zarcece

-go =tener(mantener, contener,obtener), decir, traer, caerse, hacer, or, venir, salir, poner -cer(not all cer verbs, ex. hacer) and -cirque, -gargue, -zarcezc =conocer,desconocer,ofrecer,reconocer,parecer conducir,traducir,introducir,reducir,producir -ger,-girque, -gargue, -zarcej =escoger, recoger, proteger, emerger, converger, elegir, exigir, fingir, corregir, -guir-eque, -gargue, -zarcei stem-change, then drop u(ex. siga) =seguir, conseguir, perseguir -uirque, -gargue, -zarcey =influir, contribuir, destruir,construir, concluir Nosotros

Does not stem change in nosotros form (just like present tense) Except -Ir stem-changing verbs: pedir, servir, vestirse, divertirse, preferir, mentir, sentir, dormir Use preterite sandal verb(l,ellos) conjugation. Sirvamos (eque, -gargue, -zarcei) Durmamos (oque, -gargue, -zarceu)

W Will/Wish Verb of will/wish express someones will or wish over another person, what they want or hope that someone will do. Common verbs are: Querer- to wish or want Desear-to desire Esperar-to hope Preferir-prefer Necesitar- to need Insistir- to insist Exigir- to demand Mandar- to send Decir to say or tell etc., use IOPs(indirect)}

Mi madre quiere que yo haga los quehaceres. Te Exijo que pongas la mesa. Los Irregulares The following verbs are irregular in the subjunctive: (DISHES). These are the verbs that end in oy in the yo form and also saber which ends in . Dar d, des, d, demos, den Ir vaya, vayas, vaya, vayamos, vayan Ser sea, seas, sea, seamos, sean Haber haya, hayas, haya, hayamos, hayan Estar est, ests, est, estemos, estn

Saber sepa, sepas, sepa, sepamos, sepan E - Emotion When the main verb implies emotion, the subjunctive is used with the dependent verb Common verbs are: sentir(e-ie)- to feel Lamentar- to be sorry alegrarse de- to be happy Temer- to fear tener miedo de to be afraid Gustar- to like Sorprender- to surprise Molestar- to bother Preocupar- to worry

Entristecer- to sadden Enojar to be upset Me alegro de que ests conmigo. Temen que el gato est perdido. Nos sorprende que ella no sepa nada. I Impersonal Expressions Use subjunctive after impersonal expressions that imply will, emotion, and doubt. Common expressions are: Es necesario Es importante, Es probable Es Improbable

es posible/imposible, es bueno/malo es mejor es dudoso es ridculo es triste, etc. Es bueno que estudies espaol. Es triste que Paco no tenga novia. Es importante que mi novio me traiga flores. Can also be general such as, Es importante estudiar para sacar buenas notas. This does not use the subjunctive, but rather the infinitive. R

Requests/Recommendations When requests or recommendations are in the main clause, the subjunctive will follow in the dependent clause. Common verbs: Pedir- to ask for recomendar(e-ie)- to recommend sugerir(e-ie)- to suggest Aconsejar- advise proponer, etc.- propose Te recomiendo que estudies. Me pide que diga la verdad. Nos manda que salgamos. D Doubt/Denial

Whenever doubt/denial is implied, the subjunctive must be used in the dependent clause. Common verbs: Dudar- to doubt negar (e-ie) to deny no creer- Not to believe no pensar(e-ie) no estar seguro(a) de, es imposible, etc. Dudo que conozcas a Paris Hilton. No creo que Paco pueda sacar una A en esta clase. Maria niega que Paco le escriba cartas de amor. O - Ojal Ojal = Hopefully This is an impersonal expression too and

does not conjugate for person Ojal will automatically require the subjunctive in the dependent clause. Ojal que el examen sea fcil. Ojal que mis padres no me griten. Ojal que no haya tarea. Ms Prctica Saquen papel y traduzcan las siguientes oraciones. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. I want you (Ud.) to work tomorrow. He asks me to pay him the money. I hope that they buy the house. We doubt that they will arrive early. She doesnt believe that he has the keys. I fear that you (Uds.) are not able to do it. I dont think they know my address. We want you (t) to eat dinner with us. 9. My parents forbid me to go out late. 10. It is necessary that you begin immediately.

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