El Tiempo Futuro - Inicio

El Tiempo Futuro - Inicio

Qu ser, ser El Tiempo Futuro Forms and Uses of the Future Tense in Spanish In Spanish, there are several ways to express future events without actually using the future tense! Present indicative when we are certain the action will occur. Llegan a la costa maana. They arrive at the coast tomorrow.

Ir + a + infinitive Commonly used in everyday speech; expresses the near future. Van a llegar a la costa maana. They are going to arrive at the coast tomorrow. Future tense when we want to express an action that WILL occur; often implies more certainty than ir+a+infinitive. Llegarn a la costa maana. They will arrive at the coast tomorrow. The future tense itself has a few meanings expressing actions and conditions that WILL happen indicating something MIGHT

happen or might be the case. Probability and the Future Tense The Spanish future tense sometimes indicates probability. In such cases, English would use probably, wonder, bet, must be, may, and might. --Dnde est Daniel? Where is Daniel? --Estar cuidndose en cama. He (might be, is probably) in bed taking care of himself. Quin llamar a estas horas? I wonder who is calling at this time?

Who can be calling at this time? OR, Forms of the future tense Almost all verbs are formed by adding -, -s, -, -emos, -is and -n to the infinitive: hablar deber abrir yo hablar deber

abrir t hablars debers abrirs l/ella/Ud. hablar deber abrir

[email protected] hablaremos deberemos abriremos [email protected] hablaris deberis abriris Prctica

You will learn compartirn mejorar I will relax

viajarn It will improve trabajar They will share You all will travel iremos I will work

aprenders We will go descansar We will contribute contribuiremos Will you be at the Spanish table on Wednesday? Estars en la mesa espaola el mircoles?

I will run with you at 4:00 in the afternoon. Correr contigo a las 4:00 de la tarde. We will share our presentations in two weeks. Compartiremos nuestras presentaciones en dos semanas. Verbs with Irregular Future Stems: Some Spanish verbs drop the -e of the infinitive ending: caber Infinitive caber haber poder querer saber Stem

cabrhabrpodrquerrsabr- Future cabr, cabrs, cabr.. habr (habr,habrs.. podr, podrs, podr querr, querrs, sabr, sabrs, sabr Verbs with Irregular Future Stems: Others replace the -e or -i of the infinitive ending with -d. pon er d Infinitive poner salir tener

valer venir Stem pondrsaldrtendrvaldrvendr- Future pondr, pondrs, pondr, saldr, saldrs, saldr,.. tendr, tendrs, tendr, valdr, valdrs, valdr, vendr, vendrs, vendr, Verbs with Irregular Future Stems: And a couple are just different! They lose the -c and the -e. Infinitive

Stem Future decir hacer dirhar- dir, dirs, dir, har, hars, har,.. Prctica It will fit

Saldr sabr There will be Lo hars

I will know Tendrn I will leave You will do it Vendremos They will have Cabr

We will come Habr We will be able to Podremos Cundo le dirs a ella que la amas? When will you tell her you love her? Tendr que cambiar mi estilo de vida. Ill have to change my lifestyle. Habr mucha gente en el concierto esta noche. There will be a lot of people at the concert tonight.

Bueno, nos divertiremos mucho hablar en el futuro. Quin podr traducir lo siguiente?: Si tu gusto gustara del gusto que mi gusto gusta, mi gusto tambin gustar del gusto que tu gusto gusta. Pero como tu gusto no gusta del gusto que mi gusto gusta, mi gusto tampoco gusta del gusto que tu gusto gusta.

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