ELA Unit Organization - pendleton.k12.ky.us

ELA Unit Organization - pendleton.k12.ky.us

ELA Unit Organization What's new in 2011-2012 Lesson Plans will be aligned to the new standards Flashbacks will become Learning Checks from the standards, combined with the use of CPS. RTI:

Tier 1- whole-group differentiation and monitoring (AIMSweb probes) Tier 2- small-group in the classroom; during reading and again during math. Tier 3- small-group pullout ELA Unit Folders: (3 PD Hours) ELA Unit Organization

Finished Product Organized by 9-Weeks: Crate, Expandable Folder, or File Drawer: Story: Assessmen ts Drama Found. Skills Languag

eStory: Writing Story: Poetry Story: Assessment Folder Assessmen ts 9 Week ELA Map Weekly Learning Checks (Cold Read) Quarterly Fluency Check (R-CBM)

Quarterly MAZE Foundational Skills Folder Found. Skills Phonics Dance Hunks and Chunks Making Words Guess the Covered Words Activities Word Wall Work Cloze Activities Spelling Worksheets Center activities

Websites Assessmentsspelling lists for each week Literary & Informational Text Folder: Stories (approx. 5) Story: Vocabulary activities Vocabulary worksheets Story Questions Exit Slips Probable Passages Comprehension Tests PowerPoints on comprehension skills Websites on comprehension skills

Center activities for comprehension skills Multiple-choice Comprehension Assessment and OR on text Poetry Folder Poetry Poetry terminology Poetic devices worksheets Copy of the Poems Poetry PowerPoints Poetry center activities Questions for reading Assessment

Drama Folder Drama Drama terminology Copy of the Readers Theater (or other dramas) Questions for reading Assessment Language Folder Language Daily editing (DOL) Worksheets on topics Centers the topics

PowerPoints Interactive Websites Assessments: (Laurel Co. Assessments) Writing Folder Writing Pre-writing sheets Example texts Modeled class pieces Student examples Instructional resources from 6 Traits

This process will be repeated for the 2nd-4th Nine Weeks Still to come with ELA Units For now, have your leveled readers and correlating activities easy to access We will have leveled band groups next year:

MAP will replace: Scantron, GMADE, GRADE, and AIMSweb benchmarks (but not the place of AIMSweb probes). At the start of the year, all students (K-5) will test with MAP Students will then be assigned a leveled band group for small group/independent work in the classroom (Tier 2) Leveled band work will be organized close to the start of the year

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