ELC Retreat 2014 - University of Macau

ELC Retreat 2014 - University of Macau

EELC351: Introduction to English Language Teaching Internship 2 Theme: writing centre/one-on-one tutoring in English writing & speaking Instructor: Miranda Ma (ELC) EELC351 is an 3-credit internship course that provides theoretical training and practical experience for students who are interested in interpersonal communication and/or one-on-one writing/speaking tutorials. Topics: One-on-one teaching

Tutoring strategies Writing feedback Workshop Why engage in writing centre work?

Learn about a relevant discipline Improve your communication skills Improve your ability to facilitate feedback and discussions Practice applying theories to authentic situations Understand your writing self better and improve your writing Enjoy being part of a community Who are recommended to take this course?

Students who have completed EELC130, EELC132, or EELC142 with a B+ or above. Students majoring in English Studies (FAH) Students majoring in English Education (FED) Students cannot enroll in this class by themselves. If you are interested in this class, please email Ms. Tenny Chan at [email protected] and provide your full name, year, student ID, and course grade of an English class that you previously took. In-class

Introduction to tutoring strategies and approaches Landmark articles and current research Feedback facilitation

Workshop facilitation/writing centre administration Practicum/opportunities One-on-one tutoring in the writing centre, residential colleges, or other approved

settings Assessment Collaboration/networking opportunities with other writing centres (online or on-site) - Portfolio Reflective journals Graded discussions Presentations Video-taped sessions

Non-tutoring related materials Others What is the English Writing & Communication Centre? Our mission The English Writing and Communication Centre stresses both

the importance of learning to write and writing to learn. It offers a welcoming and supportive environment where UM students from all disciplines and levels come to comfortably share and talk about their writing and speaking projects of any form. Our consultants work collaboratively with students and guide them through their writing processes. Our mission is to support students as they emerge as competent Our services

Our work Writing/speaking Consultations Our work Workshops Chatroom EWCC Review English Writing and Communication Centre

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2IbRQNgEc Thank you for your interest!

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