Electricity Terms - Osseo

Electricity Terms Created by Mr. Gable Technology Education Maple Grove Junior High

Conductor Is a material which allows electrical current to easily pass through it.

Types of Conductors Copper Aluminum Silver

Insulator Is a material which prevents the flow of electricity.

Types of Insulators Plastic Glass Rubber

Circuit A circuit is a path for electrons to flow.

Types of Circuits Complete (closed) Incomplete (open) Positive

+ Red in color Negative _

Black in color Electron Flow The path is from a power sources negative terminal,

through the various components and on to the positive terminal. Negative to Positive

- to + Voltage Voltage is the electrical

force or "pressure" that causes current to flow in a circuit. Current

Current is the movement of an electrical charge. It is the flow of electrons through a circuit.

Resistance Resistance is anything that causes an opposition to the flow of electricity in a circuit. It is used to

control the amount of voltage. Resistance is measured in

OHMS Speed of Light 186,000 Miles per Second

Sources of Electricity Chemical Light

Pressure Heat Magnetism

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