Elements of High Student Engagement

Maribeth Haines, Eddie Lawrence Core Break-out Session June 24-26. 2013 ELEMENTS OF HIGH STUDENT ENGAGEMENT Index Card Self Reflection Top left corner

On a scale of 1-5, how would you rank the level of student engagement in your classroom at the present time? Center Describe examples of effective student engagement that one might have observed in your classroom this past year. Why the need to increase student

engagement? Content Objectives Participants today will: identify the 8 engaging qualities of work. analyze and evaluate levels of student engagement during

classroom instruction. Language Objectives Participants today will: be able to discuss examples of the 8 qualities of Student Engagement.

write one-sentence summaries to describe 2 engaging qualities. read summaries to a partner. apply orally, and in writing, new vocabulary words related to student engagement. Poster Power Walk-and Learn One Sentence

Summaries On the back of your card, Write a one sentence summary of 2 elements of engagement, including ways these elements might appear in your unit plan.

Read to a partner. Reciprocate. High School Algebra Rubric/Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6WJds b0dfM Conclusion/Review of Objectives Explain the need for high levels of

Student Engagement Read about the 8 Engaging Qualities Write about Student Engagement

Listen/Speak to a partner about 2 Engaging qualities Analyze and evaluate levels of Student Engagement Added Bonuses 1. Sheltered Instruction

Observation Protocol SIOP Model 2. Incorporating all four language domains

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