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Bell Ringer When you listen to music, what are key elements that you specifically listen to? Think about what is in a piece of music that makes you like/dislike it. Is there a certain mood that is created in songs? What helps to create that mood? Think about things BESIDES lyrics. When you are finished, please wait silently while the rest of class continues to work. Elements of Music EXPLORING MUSIC SEPTEMBER 9, 2015 Beat and Meter

Heartbeat of music- what creates the pulse of a song? How are the rhythms grouped together? Groups of 2? 3? 4? Combined Dance groupings? v. march Dynamics

Volume!!!! Pianissimo (pp) Piano (p) Mezzo piano (mp) Mezzo forte (mf)

Forte (f) Fortissimo (ff) Crescendo v. descrescendo Harmony The combination of simultaneous vertical blocks of different tones Chords

Major (happy) Minor (sad) Usually an accompaniment to the main tune Without harmony, a lot of songs would be quite simple and plain Melody An intentionally organized succession of musical tones

The main tune of a piece of music Typically what you hear the main vocalist singing The part that always gets stuck in your head Repetitive and something easy to remember Musical Instruments The physical instruments that were engineered to create a specific sound

Each instrument has a unique sound and range of how low and high they can play Main Families of Instruments Brass Percussion Woodwind String

Tone Color/Timbre The distinct tonal quality of an instrument of voice, which is clearly identifiable by the ear The color of a sound Why you like the sound of certain artists v. others Dark, etc.

bright, Whiny, Pingy, Light, Heavy, Texture The way sounds are woven together Do all the instruments and voices move together at the same time? Are there a bunch of different parts moving at various times? Is it a light texture, or a heavy texture (different than timbre) Form

The structure and design of a composition Incorporates Repetition Contrast Unity

Variety Round/Canon ABA Rondo Any Questions?

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