Engineering and Technology Education

Engineering and Technology Education

ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION TEACHER NAME HERE SUPPLY AND DEMAND OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY TEACHERS What does this data mean for our future teaching force? What does this data mean for engineering and technology courses? How does a teacher shortage impact engineering and technology and other elective courses? Source: Ndahi, Hassan B.; John M. Ritz.

Technology Education Teacher Demand, 20022005. The Technology Teacher. April 2003. Found on: be3e ADDITIONAL DATA: CONNECTING TO SUPPLY AND DEMAND Moye, Johnny. December 2016. The Supply and Demand of Technology and Engineering Teachers: Who Knows? The Technology and Engineering Teacher. Retrieved from https:// DO YOU LIKE TO DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING? Do you want to make the world a better place? Are you interested in design and modeling?

Do you like to create and prototype solutions? Do you enjoy Robotics or Technology Student Association (TSA)? Is your favorite class an Engineering and Technology class? Do you enjoy teaching others? If yes, you should consider a career as an Engineering an Technology Teacher! WHAT IS ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION? Teach courses related to engineering and technology at the middle and high school level. Write and implement lesson plans related to engineering and technology standards and objectives. Work with hands-on and creative projects with students that often dont have one answer.

Lead a club or organization like a FIRST or VEX robotics team, TSA chapter, or Supermileage (or many, many others!) Courses that E&T teachers in Indiana can teach can be found at: http:// This list varies from state to state and is subject to change. WHERE DO ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY TEACHERS WORK? Middle Schools High Schools After-School Programs Universities Industry Curriculum/Texbook Companies

WHY CONSIDER ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION? Helping students learn is rewarding! Work with energetic colleagues in healthy and safe environments Demand for teachers is high; job placement is 100% in Indiana! #DoWhatYouLove while earning a living Qualifying college major for the Next Generation Teacher Scholarship of up to $30,000! INTERESTED IN TEACHING ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION? 1.

Talk with your teacher about his/her experiences. 2. Contact the main point of contact at each university program (BSU, ISU, and Purdue) and take a tour of each program to decide which one best fits your needs as a student. 3. Fill out an application to the programs you are interested in applying to. 4. Apply for the Next Generation Teaching Scholarship and other scholarships. 5.

Consider working or volunteering in after-school programs or as a camp counselor to gain experience with children 6. Attend a Engineering and Technology Education program at ISU, BSU, or Purdue to earn a degree in engineering and technology teacher education. 7. 1. Pass Indiana CORE Assessment in Engineering and Technology. 2.

Apply for teaching license once teacher education program is completed. Work at a school with a program opening in Engineering and Technology Education upon graduation! POSTER PROJECT Items to include: Directions: Create a Poster about a University that offers Engineering and Technology Education. See project directions and

rubric for more details. Location Enrollment numbers Tuition Costs Scholarship Opportunities in Engineering and Technology Education College where Engineering and Technology education is housed or located Sample course list for this college major Contact for the Engineering and Technology Program

Other Important statistics EXIT SLIP Are you interested in pursuing Engineering and Technology Education as a college major and possible career? If so, what would you like more information on in order to make an informed decision? If not, what career pathway are you planning to pursue and how do you plan to get there?

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