Enlisted Advancement Review Course

Enlisted Advancement Review Course



OIC MO/SMDR: Establish health standards and recommending how to best implement the standards to CO/OIC/CMDRS Technical Advice from: NEPMU/NMCPHC/Other Navy PMT resources SEC II: EH Cognizant Medical Authority(Command) must: Inspections, Investigations Indoc/training of staff for most up to date info Coopertation with civilian authorities/other govt affiliates for all matters public health w/in vicinity Record

Keeping(inspections,investigations,etc.) Informing OIC/CO/CDR of all changes Prep/track local reports as requested by OIC/CO/CDR SEC III: Sanitary standards for living/rec spaces CMA via PMA responsible for inspection, prep reports, and ensure EVERYTHING is up to instruction of the following: Living spaces/rec facilities/berthing & sanitary afloat/Hospitals/med facilities Confinement facs: PMA does preop and any changes must be approved by TYPE CDR, ECHELON II/III CMD, & NPC(PERS-68)

Pools: MO/MDR recommend changes per the PMAs inspections to the CO/OIC/CDR. SEC IV: FOOD/H20 MO/MDR resp. for: Ensure food facilities are w/in standards(P5010-??) Report issues/recommendation/changes to CO/OIC/CDR

All aspects of water safety and ensuring up to instruction standards. CO/OIC/CDR: ration water in emergency TYCOM/AOR Surgeon may designate more stringent requirements depending on ops. SEC V: ALL WASTE MO/MDR responsible for inspx/enforcing standards on: Solid Waste Management Sewage Disposal Medical Waste Management SEC VI: Communicable DZ

Report MO/SMDR responsible for: NEPMU: support for all aspects CDz, FMF support B4 deploying. NMPHC: Source material/experts NCMI: Health info on global level. STD: Education is most important. (6200=PM)

Prev/control/training/investigations/monitor/trx/ reporting/recommend to CO. NMPHC tool- SHARP TB,HIV,Rabies,Recruit Strep, & malaria Each has individual instruction due to prolonged impact. SEC VI cont: MDR responsible for:

Submitting report (MER) Co-op with other agencies SEC VII: IMMZ Administer in acc w/: BUMEDINST 6230.15 SEC VIII: Insect/pest/rodent MO w/ Public Works and Ento responsible for all aspects in this section to ensure

compliance w/: OPNAVINST 6250.4 series, Pest Management Programs NAVMED P-5010, Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine, Chapter 8 SEC IX: Quarantine DZ subject to QT: Cholera Diptheria Infx TB Plague Smallpox YF Any VHF(Crimean-congo, Ebola, Lassa,

Marburg) SARS Influenza SEC X: FIELD SANITATION MO/SMDR resp for: Ensure everything planned is in accordance w/ NAVMED P-5010, Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine, Chapter 9 NAVMED P-5010, Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine, Chapter 1 TB MED 577/NAVMED P-5010-10/AFMAN 48138_IP

BUMEDINST 6230.15 series, Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis SEC XI: OCC MED CIV injured are beneficiaries of: DOL & OWCP OCC HEALTH EXAMS: Pre employment - Fit for duty Workers comp case - Disability Retirement

Other OCC Health Services: ER - Referral - Counseling Trx requested by physician Med transport(ER/NON ER) Support to ICPAs(??) Ed/trng - Immz SEC XI CONT.. OCC OPTO: Part of medical surveillance program

For mil/civ deploying and enrolled in MEDSURVPROG w/ vision req. Vision screening as pre employment(if needed) Civ who needing prescription must provide employer with current prescription for industrial safety eyewear. All funding is responsibility of supported command. SEC XI cont.. OCC AUDIO: Part of Command Hearing Conservation Program and

includes: Hearing test(at risk personnel) HPDs (cmd responsible for cost) Education Must ID at risk personnel Disenroll via IH, OP AUDIOLOGIST, or OC Doc for at risk personnel Anything with unusual noise health effects DIRECT TO NMPHC. Audio Techs always supervised Exclude individuals with signigicant PTS must be considered high

risk. If person on HCP has three audiograms that show changes must see provider before returning to work. Workplace visits: By Occ health specialist SEC XII: RAD HEALTH AT BUMED CMD ACTIVITIES responsibility is on:

CDR/CO/OIC to delegate responsibility for program. ON ship it falls on MED DEPT. RAD safety/control prog is nonmedical responsibility except at BUMED CMD Activity. Guidance for instruction by EPA/USNRC MDR responsibility RHO OCC RAD exposure: Non ionizing radiation Ionizing radiation

SEC XIII: IH Anticipate, recognize, eval, and control workplace hazards by: Survey, walk thru, investigate to help control : Chem/phys/bio/ergonomic hazards DOEHRS- Record Keeping IH Support from: MTF/NEPMU/NMCPHC/CIHL

Acronyms AOR: Area of Responsibility CBR: Chemical, Biological, or Radiological CDC/USPHS: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ United States Public Health Service CIHL: Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Labs DERAT: Deratization DOEHRS: Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System HCP: Hearing Conservation Program

HPD: Hearing Protective Devices ICPA: Injury Compensation Program Administrators Acronyms

IH: Industrial Hygiene NAVMED PDC: Navy Medicine Professional Development Center NEPMU: Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit NMCI: National Center for Medical Intelligence NMCPHC: Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center NOTAL: Not to All OEM: Occupational and Environmental Medicine OPM: Office of Personnel Management Acronyms

OWCP: Office of Workers' Compensation Programs PPE: Personal Protective Equipment PTS: Permanent Threshold Shift SHARP: Sexual Health and Responsibility Program TYCOM: Type Commander USTRANSCOM: United States Transportation Command WHO: World Health Organization

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