Entrepreneurship I - Alamance-Burlington School System

Entrepreneurship I - Alamance-Burlington School System

Entrepreneurship I 1.02: Participate in career-planning to enhance job-success potential Michelle Perry - Midway HS 1.02 Essential Questions What distinguishes an entrepreneur from a small business owner or manager? What are the reasons that people pursue careers as entrepreneurs? What personality traits are associated with successful entrepreneurs? What skills are needed for

entrepreneurial success? How do we assess entrepreneurial potential? What are the risks and disadvantages associated with entrepreneurship? What are the trends and technological developments in entrepreneurship? Michelle Perry - Midway HS What distinguishes an entrepreneur from a

small business owner or manager? Michelle Perry - Midway HS Distinguish among entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers Entrepreneur an individual who undertakes the risk associated with creating, organizing, and owning a business Entrepreneurship is the process of starting and operating ones own business Venture is a business undertaking involving risk

Opportunity is an idea that has commercial value Small Business Owner the owner of a business that was generally started to create jobs for the owners and referred to as a mom and pop business Manager an employee who coordinates people, processes, and other resources of a business in order for the business to achieve success Michelle Perry - Midway HS

What are the reasons that people pursue careers as entrepreneurs? Michelle Perry - Midway HS Identify reasons that people pursue careers as entrepreneurs Being your own boss this is the biggest reward of owning your own business it gives you the freedom to make their own business decisions they have the final word on all aspects of the operation Doing something you enjoy a business venture normally begins with something that the

entrepreneur enjoys doing it might be a hobby or skill that they are good at doing the entrepreneur gets satisfaction from creating or developing the hobby into a viable enterprise Having the opportunity to be creative most people who works for someone else is following their procedures; while entrepreneurs create their own entrepreneurs are able to shape a business in ways that employees cannot this is true with new, daring or creative ideas when an

entrepreneur has a creative idea, they have the power to act on it Michelle Perry - Midway HS Continued Having the freedom to set your own schedule even though entrepreneurs have demands on their time, they have the flexibility to determine their own schedule they also have the options of working at home, at the business, or any other location that suits them Having job security employees today are not guaranteed job security from their employers businesses may

relocate outside the United States and the employees are left with no company to work for entrepreneurs control their own destiny as long as the business is successful, they have a job Making more money people who work for others are paid wages or a salary if you work for a company and they do well, you may get a raise or a bonus a business owners earnings are limited by the potential of the business Being recognized within the community business ownership carries with it a certain amount of

prestige entrepreneurs have taken on a responsibility that involves hard work, daring, and know-how entrepreneurs make an economic contribution to the community through their investment and creation of jobs Michelle Perry - Midway HS What personality traits are associated with successful entrepreneurs? Michelle Perry - Midway HS Describe personality traits associated with successful entrepreneurs

Persistent willing to work until a job is done, no matter how long it takes they are tenacious in overcoming obstacles and pursuing their goals Creative they look for new ways to solve old problems Responsible they do not pass the buck they take responsibility for their decisions and actions Inquisitive they want to know as much as possible about whatever affects their venture they conduct research and ask questions to solve problems. You like to ask questions?? Goal-oriented they set and achieve goals Independent they want to make their own decisions

Self-demanding they have high expectations Self-confident they believe in themselves Risk-taking they take risks, but they are not reckless Restless once they achieve their goals, they begin looking for new challenges Action-oriented they are doers as opposed to spectators they set goals, make decisions, and act on their decisions Enthusiastic they are energetic and passionate about their pursuits

Michelle Perry - Midway HS What skills are needed for entrepreneurial success? Michelle Perry - Midway HS Explain skills needed for entrepreneurial success Communication skills person-to-person, telephone, and written communication skills also need listening skills to build positive relationships do accurate work Math skills they use basic math skills to budget, keep records, make decisions and calculations, and put together financial statements + / > Problem-solving skills they need to be able to come up with logical ideas to solve problems solving problems requires creativity and thinking skills Technology and computer skills computer skills are essential in almost

any business the ability to understand and use technology is also essential Decision-making skills they must be able to choose the best option from among many good decision makers know their values and are good at predicting the consequences of actions Michelle Perry - Midway HS Skills Continued Organizing and planning skills they must be expert organizers and planners, which require logical thinking and good time management Teamwork skills they need teamwork skills to coordinate and manage work teams this involves respecting others, being flexible, and knowing when to exercise leadership Social skills they need social skills to interact well with employees, customers, and vendors involve verbal and nonverbal behavior Adaptability skills they should be adaptable because they business and economic environment is constantly changing

Basic business skills they should have a basic understanding of how the economy works and an understanding of fundamental concepts of finance, marketing, and management Michelle Perry - Midway HS How do we assess entrepreneurial potential? Michelle Perry - Midway HS Demonstrate procedures for assessing entrepreneurial potential Assessing your entrepreneurial characteristics and skills Develop your profile (set of characteristics or qualities that

identifies a type or category of person) based on being a successful entrepreneur Identify your strengths and weaknesses Continue to work at maintaining and/ or improving your strengths Another way to strengthen your entrepreneurial potential is to think and act like an achiever (is a person with a record of successes) Develop the foundation skills and if these are your weaknesses then take courses or classes to improve the skills Set out to be the best at whatever you do Set your sights on accomplishing the

extraordinary Write your goals down on paper Pursue your goals with confidence and commitment View difficulties as opportunities to learn and grow You do not need to be an expert, however, you must develop the skills necessary to set up and run a successful business Obtain employment is similar or related positions to improve and monitor your skills Michelle Perry - Midway HS What are the risks and disadvantages associated with

entrepreneurship? Michelle Perry - Midway HS Risks/Disadvantages Working long hours long hours are the norm for entrepreneurs, especially during the startup period during start-up survival depends on making wise decisions and not relying on paid help, so the responsibilities are left to the entrepreneur many entrepreneurs work 7 days a week from the time the business opens until close. Over 40 hours per week. Having an uncertain income business owners make more money than employees; but only when the business is good and making money if a business is bad then earnings can be low or nonexistent most businesses do not make a profit right away most business owners put

the profits back into the business so that it can grow business owners do not get a paycheck or benefits such as health insurance and time off for vacations Being fully responsible the owner of a business is responsible for more than just decision making; they must make sure everything get done there is no one else to take care of tasks such as sweeping the floors, paying bills, making repairs or other tasks in the business the success or failure of the venture rests entirely on the owner Risking ones investment the biggest risk is the possibility of losing ones investment the investment is the amount of money a person puts into their business as capital

capital includes the buildings, equipment, tools, and other goods needed to produce a product or the money used to buy these things employees do not risk losing money before an entrepreneur can earn money they have to get the venture up and running Michelle Perry - Midway HS What are the trends and technological developments in entrepreneurship? Michelle Perry - Midway HS Trends in entrepreneurship Internet businesses new online businesses have emerged

along with traditional businesses adding an online feature online businesses have the potential to attract a huge number of customers because anyone with internet capabilities can shop at any time Service businesses dominant type of businesses in the United States economy even if a company sells a product, they also provide a service to the customers most small businesses are service businesses services are intangible things that businesses do for their customers to enhance our lives examples include: insurance, sports and entertainment, tourism, banking, real estate, dry cleaning, fitness centers, and accountants/tax preparers Michelle Perry - Midway HS Trends Home-based businesses Conducted from the home due to technology a home-based business can have an image that is just as professional as that of a

large corporation Socially responsible nonprofit businesses social entrepreneurs start a business in order to better society they are focused on doing good social entrepreneurs often form nonprofit organizations (the business owner makes a profit; but the profits must be kept within the business) some nonprofits also can qualify to be tax-exempt examples of nonprofits that support specific missions include feeding the hungry, community theatre groups, educationfocused groups, and building homes Focus on technology entrepreneurs who know how to use technology to improve their business processes create a strong competitive advantage and enjoy a greater chance of success whether technology is a companys product or it is used to increase productive, it is a critical component of any business strategy Michelle Perry - Midway HS TrendsOutsourcing Outsourcing is contracting with other companies for services most common types of outsourcing is businessprocess outsourcing (accounting, human resources

management, benefits, payroll, and finance functions) benefits of outsourcing: outsourcing allows greater efficiency, saving time and money outsourcing decreases overhead investment or debt outsourcing lowers regulatory compliance burdens outsourcing allows companies to start new projects quickly outsourcing makes companies more attractive to investors because it allows companies to direct more capital directly into moneymaking activities Michelle Perry - Midway HS Other Trends Strategic Alliances one step beyond outsourcing is forming a partnership with another company join with a larger company to purchase items in large quantities or help support a product example: 3M produces tape and will look to smaller companies to provide the dispensers Corporate Ventures is a new venture started inside a large

corporation large companies are finding that they must act like entrepreneurs to remain competitive these are spin-off companies the parent company supplies resources to the corporate venture get started often the new corporate venture becomes an independent company Michelle Perry - Midway HS Reasons that business start-ups often fail Michelle Perry - Midway HS Reasons for failure The overall cause of business failure is: lack of control on the part of the entrepreneur.

Never leave total control of your business to your employees even if they are professionals. Remember, professionals are only there to advise you on what to do. The final decision lies in your hand as the entrepreneur and business owner! Michelle Perry - Midway HS High Debt Ratio - the 1st cause of business failures. This is the measurement of the percentage of total dollars in a business that is provided by creditors. You are looking at what you owe your creditors in comparison to what the business owns in assets. If you owe your creditors $59,000 and your assets (what the business owns) are $106,000 then your debt ratio is 55.6%. This means that 55.6% of what you own would have to be sold off to pay your creditors. High level of mismanagement -The 2nd cause of business

failures. If your key staff lacks professionalism, then your business is in trouble. Since your staff are in charge of running the day to day affairs of your business, their professionalism should not be compromised for anything. Michelle Perry - Midway HS Unexpected resignation of staff -The 3rd reason. This can really pose a threat to your business so you must be prepared for it. In business, poaching is really a factor to deal with. Big companies are always poaching good employees away from other companies by enticing them with improved salaries and incentives. Inadequate Inventory - If you have inadequate stock either for production or for your customers, your business is bound for failure. Also; if you stock too much inventory, you are still bound to fail because you are tying down working capital. Selling products below cost price - The 5th cause of business

failures . Sometimes in business, cash crunch, fierce competition or economic factor make businesses sell their goods below cost price and this can ruin your business. Michelle Perry - Midway HS Dwindling working capital - Depreciating working capital may be as a result of unnecessary expenditure, too much inventory and weak cash flow management on the part of the entrepreneur. Consistent negative cash flow The 7th factor. Cash flow is to a business what blood is to humans. No business can survive without strong cash flow management. A solution to negative cash flow is to hire a professional accountant to keep a keen eye on the cash flow. Declining Profit - If there is a down turn in profit margins due to competition or deflation, your business could be negatively affected. A solution to declining profit is to increase your sales

volume so you can make more profit on turnover or better still; diversify. . Michelle Perry - Midway HS Loss of market share - Loss of market share is the 9th cause of most business failures. If you observe you are losing your market share due to either competition, new technology, innovation or trend, then this is a sign that your business is on the verge of been liquidated. Inability to secure operational capital - Lastly, your inability to secure funds from financial institutions could lead to business failure. Raising capital is one of the most difficult tasks in business. But it is often said that where there is a will, there is a way. If financial institutions refuse to assist you financially, you have to turn to other sources of funds Michelle Perry - Midway HS

Reasons that entrepreneurs need to be aware of industry trends and technological developments By observing the world around you and looking at demographic changes, the development of new ideas can identify a possible business opportunity or expansion of a current business Popular trends such as health and fitness; ethnic diversity; and an improving economy can provide guidance in product development Technology and industry trends can assist in the business operations Recognizing new trends and to think creatively are essential for business success Michelle Perry - Midway HS Professional-development opportunities for

entrepreneurs Government agencies such as SBA Workforce Development agencies Chamber of Commerce Community colleges to improve skills Professional organizations Trade associations Internet programs

Mentor/relatives Michelle Perry - Midway HS Discussion and Questions Michelle Perry - Midway HS "Professional Presence In The Workplace - How to demonstrate Professional Presence in the Workplace" https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsimbWV7Ek0 Why Most People Wont Change Careers and Do What They Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9olVPiXN-s Michelle Perry - Midway HS

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