Environmental Natural Resources

Environmental Natural Resources

Parts of a Tree Forestry and Forest Products AFNR-BAS-10: Demonstrate basic skills in natural resource management. 2 Main Tree Parts 1. Roots

2. Trunk 3. Crown www.OneLessThing.net

3 Roots function is to anchor tree, collect water and nutrients, hold soil in place types of roots: tap root: a large central and dominant root growing straight down secondary roots: roots that branch off the main root root hairs: tiny roots that take up water and nutrients

www.OneLessThing.net 4 Trunk function is to support the crown and transport water and nutrients outer bark: protects tree from injury inner bark: carries food from leaves to cambium layer cambium: builds cells

sapwood: carries sap from roots to leaves heartwood: gives strength (inactive/not growing) www.OneLessThing.net 5 Crown function is to gather sunlight, makes food for growth, helps filter air, produces oxygen the crown consists of branches and leaves

www.OneLessThing.net Thank you for learning with One Less Thing We Make Ag Teaching Easier www.OneLessThing.net

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