Ethics in Advertising - Ms. Shaffer

ETHICS IN ADVERTISING Marketing AGENDA WARM-UP Warm-up questions Vocab on front (can use notes) Backside of sheet

Questions 11-15 PowerSchool isnt working so grade changes are work in progress 4.01 Part A&B Ads and Press Release 4.01 Part C: 4 Consumer Promotion Tomorrow guest speaker from Johnson & Whales OBJECTIVES: PART D

A. Define fear-based advertising & understand how it is used B. Define and differentiate between targeting & positioning C. Discuss sexism/stereotyping in advertising. D. Explain ethical issues associated with promotion to children. FEAR-BASED ADVERTISING Fear based advertising: tactics used by marketers to

motivate target audiences to take action quickly. Also known as Shockvertising Plays on peoples emotions Consumers are shown ads that make them fearful of a competitor or a failure to act What will happen if the product runs out? Consumers are shown threats that are viewed as credible

People wont like you People choose products that makes them feel safe EXAMPLE OF FEAR BASED AD Fear of being fat (gyms/diet) Being lonely (dating sites) Fear of old age (cosmetics)

Fear of not being safe (ADT/cars) Fear of falling & not getting up Fear of dying FEAR BASED EXAMPLES

FEAR BASED ADVERTISING All-State Commercials are notorious for fear-based ads Volkswagen DIo v=UjcSWW3vCBk Smoking

Companies that use Fear Based Ads: Acne medication ads (pro-active) Toothpaste ads If you don't use their toothpaste, your breath will stink and your teeth will be yellow

Anti aging beauty product ads if you don't buy their products you will look way older than you should Anti-smoking ads Mothers against drunk driving ads Political ads Diet product ads

Lysol ads Michelin tire ads FEAR BASED ADVERTISING Easiest way to accomplish fear based advertising is to begin with three simple words: In my experience.

Example: In my experience, I wouldnt be here today if it werent for the help of my ______________________ FEAR BASED ADVERTISING Targeting: finding and reaching the maximum number of qualified prospects at the lowest possible cost

Positioning - persuading the maximum number of your prospects to buy from you Use FEAR and HOPE to persuade consumers FEAR BASED ADVERTISING Why do marketers use fear to generate sales?

Because humans respond to bad news Fear causes us to act Fear is a motivator How many of you have parents that use fear to motivate or influence behavior? FEAR EXAMPLES FEAR BASED ADVERTISING Fear in ads is effective when they provide: High levels of threat or pose an important

problem High level of efficacy A change in behavior will help the problem go away Make the customer very afraid Reduce fear by advertising your product

ETHICS IN ADVERTISING Secret Sins of the Industry MARKETING FAILURES Advertising isn't just about the things we buy It's about how we feel about things, including ourselves. Example: New Coke v. Coca-Cola (4:37) 80% of Americans say they feel better about companies that are aligned with social issues. 2/3 of American are inclined to switch to a brand that they identify with a good cause

ETHICS Ethics: Guidelines for good behavior Concept is do what is in the best interest of the biggest number In advertising, companies want to grab your attention Entertain Persuade

Inform Remind LIAR, LIAR Ads for reputable companies almost never lie They just dont disclose the whole truth up front Agencies have to prove what they say to

Their own corporate counsel Ad agency lawyers

The network's approval committees A number of regulating bodies like the FDA and the FTC. Ad companies that get caught lying/cheating have to pay substantial fines ADVERTISEMENTS = 1ST

IMPRESSION For a company trying to sell you something an advertisement is like trying to get a job interview with millions of people at one time Make good first impression Dont make anyone angry or mad Difficult to please all because people view things differently

The bolder the ad, the more polarizing it becomes Big events bring about such ads Examples: Olympics, Super Bowl, Oscars, etc.. CHRISTOPHER REEVE During the 2000 Super Bowl, millions of people saw the following commercial for Christopher Reeve walking again.

Some of us saw an uplifting message of hope Some saw a cynical company manipulating people's hope to make a buck. Many with disabilities - saw an ad that gave false hope. NIKE 2000 Olympics

Nike created a commercial based off a horror movie Commercial received over 2,000 complaints. Nike heard them and killed the spot Do you think the ad was unethical? ETHICS IN ADVERTISING

Tobacco Advertising Would you do an ad campaign for a cigarette company? Over $1.5 billion in free advertising takes place each year for public service announcements denouncing cigarette use 83iweLrc&index=1

ETHICS IN ADVERTISING Beer Commercials What do all these beer commercials have in common? Liquor Advertisements A beer & a shot have same effect

One can be advertised on television, one cannot until after 9:00 pm Is this practice fair? ETHICAL BRAND When you hear Smirnoff, what do you think of? Vodka

IS SMIRNOFF ICE AN ETHICAL PRODUCT? SMIRNOFF A rival company says this commercial is misleading you because there's no vodka in Smirnoff Ice.

It's a malt beverage. Does the name "Smirnoff" mean "vodka" or is it just a name? Are you being fooled here? If you thought Smirnoff Ice contained vodka, did you also think it contained ice? Product was examined by the ATF (Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) and allowed

CONDOMS Most networks will not play condom ads Offend certain demographics Basically condoning sex Usually very racy/edgy ads

Difficult to provide product demonstration in an appropriate way Most condom ads always have one thing showing. What is it? Wedding Ring Even though target market is not married couples

LOREAL COMMERCIAL What is wrong with this commercial? CHILDREN LOreal Kids Shampoo There is no adult supervision shown around the swimming pool.

The Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which also monitors kid's programming, requires that adults be shown supervising children when products or activities could be risky. L'Oreal changed the commercial to model good parental behavior. Aim toothpaste showed a child who went to the bathroom in a museum to brush her teeth.

Had to be taken off the air when teachers complained that they'd never let a child leave the group unattended. PHARMACEUTICAL ADVERTISING Information is ethically neutral Most people welcome more information because it enables individuals to form

their own judgments Used to be doctors informed citizens about medicine, now commercials introduce them

Ads have raised awareness More people go to the doctor now than before Drugs advertised are not the cheapest (generic version) FDA requires companies to reveal any possible side effects Killed the weight loss drug industry

PRODUCT PLACEMENT Do you think its ethical for movie companies, television networks, music artists, etc.. To use product placement in their advertising? In the theatre we have no way of knowing whether the director

chose those cars because they fulfilled his artistic vision - or because the car manufacturer made a deal with the producer. Audiences like realism in movies. Made-up brands affect the audience because they feel like their being lied to They're obvious fakes

GUERILLA ADVERTISING Product placement happens in real life If you go out to a club tonight, you might see some particularly good-looking young people using a new kind of cell phone. Will voluntarily let you use product

The phone is very cool & so are the people hired They're also actors and this is a gig for them. Their job is creating the impression that using this phone is The Next Trend. If you ask them directly if they are actors, they won't lie. If you don't ask, they won't tell.

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING Subliminal advertising is one of those "urban legends." Take a photograph of a glass of ice water or the beverage of your choice and make a fake ad out of it. Then invite people to find or guess the subliminal messages in your ad.

Most will be able to come up with something This is what advertising companies do. They present an idea in a way that allows you to form your own opinion but the way gain information is based off how they present it

ETHICS PROJECT ASSIGNMENT OPTION #1: Create an advertisement that is intentionally unethical. The advertisement can promote any product, service, or idea you wish but must use questionable marketing tactics to accomplish this task.

An advertisement is considered unethical in the following situations: When it has degraded or underestimated the substitute or rivals product When it gives false or misleading information on the value of a product When it fails to give useful information on the possible reaction or

side effects of the product. When it is immoral SURROGATE ADVERTISEMENT Surrogate Advertisement: Used to promote a banned product in the disguise of another product.

Uses a different product to advertise their name 84% of viewers pickup on the unintended brand being advertised Example: Bicardi Blasts music CDs Bagpiper Club Soda

Officers Choice Playing Cards PUFFERY Puffery refers to claims that express subjective rather than objective views

Most reasonable people would take not take literally. However, a two-year old might believe that polar bears enjoy sipping Coca-Cola.

MIGHT BE TRUE BUT IS IT? EXAGGERATION Exaggeration: Using false claims in an advertisement Wherever you go our

network follows. UNVERIFIED CLAIMS Unverified claims: It includes advertisements of energy drinks which tells us about the number of

vitamins and how they help children to grow strong and tall. WOMEN STEREOTYPING Women Stereotyping: Using women to

promote household cleaners SEX SYMBOLS Women used as sex symbols: COMPARATIVE AD

Comparative advertisement: Occurs when a company compares itself to its competitor. Examples: Coke v. Pepsi Colgate v. Pepsodent. COMPARATIVE ADS

CHILDREN Use of children in advertisements: Children watch more advertisements than almost anyone.

They can sing jingles, recognize logos, and typically have strong feelings about a product. PARODY ADS Assignment #2 Option

ASSIGNMENT #2: PARODY AD Parody Ads: You are to create a parody advertisement that provides criticism of a company yet speaks the truth Advertisement should be more than a joke but can be funny, sad, or insulting

Viewers of your ad should clearly understand the point you are making The criticism you create must be true If altering an existing ad, accompany the original advertisement with it as well FAIR ADVERTISING What is this ad saying?

Messages like these want to convince people that alcohol is magic. These ads tell us that alcohol can make us successful, sophisticated and even sexy. Without it, life is dull, ordinary

and boring. I-POD

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