Exchange utility belt tips (aka Exchange tools) -

Exchange utility belt tips (aka Exchange tools) -

EXCHANGE UTILITY BELT TIPS (AKA EXCHANGE TOOLS) Speaker: Dave Stork Company: OGD ict-diensten bv Position: Architect Who am I? Dave Stork Architect (Exchange, Office 365) OGD ict services: Government Partner of the Year Award Finalist 2015 I am an Exchange MVP and an MCT. I am also one of the Contributors of The UC Architects Podcast @theucarchitects /

I tweet from @dmstork I blog at Email me [email protected] When not tweeting/blogging I like to watch sci-fi tv series and movies, Xbox and argue with people on the internet (they are wrong!). AGENDA Sizing and validating Troubleshooting

Reporting & Other NOTICE Sheets will be available after the event Notes contain links to downloads and blog posts Not that I mind you taking notes or pictures

SIZING AND VALIDATING Huh? Why this in session about tools? Because sizing matters! And tools can help with that SIZING AND VALIDATING Exchange 201x Server Role Requirements Calculator

Exchange Processor Query Tool Tool to help you find standardized CPU performance information For use with the Exchange Role calculator Generate Message Profile Jetstress

Honorable mentions EXCHANGE 201X SERVER ROLE REQUIREMENTS CALCULATOR Excel sheet to help you size and validate you Exchange design You already have to have a general idea what your design is

Depending on input gives it returns expected resource requirements HA, Site resiliency, Virtualization, choice of hardware Available for Exchange 2010 and 2013 Note that it can be patch specific Run, repeat, run, repeat etc.

Take your time and study documentation Server Configuration / Primary Datacenter Server (Single Failure) Recommended RAM Configuration Number of Processor Cores Utilized Server CPU Utilization Server CPU Megacycle Requirements Server Total Available Adjusted Megacycles Possible Storage Architecture Recommended Transport Database Location Host IO and Throughput Requirements Total Database Required IOPS

Total Log Required IOPS Database Read I/O Percentage Background Database Maintenance Throughput Requirements 24 GB 2 18% 4821 26430 RAID System Disk / Database 1 0 60% 1.0 MB/s


Generate-MessageProfile.ps1 For use with the Exchange Calculator SiteName Mailboxes AvgTotalMsgs AvgTotalKB AvgSentMsgs AvgRcvdMsgs AvgSentKB AvgRcvdKB Default-FirstSite-Name 19 1 12 1 1 10

12 JETSTRESS Tool to simulate Exchange disk load Verify the performance and stability of you disk subsystem Before installing & putting Exchange in production

Read the Jetstress Field Guide Version specific Build specific, get the required DLL files from setup RESULTS REPORT RESULTS REPORT HONORABLE MENTIONS

LoadSim Exchange Client Network Bandwidth Calculator Beta Simulation tool to measure the impact of MAPI, OWA, ActiveSync, IMAP, POP and SMTP clients on Exchange servers Not supported in production, deprecated.

To predict the client network bandwidth requirements for a specific set of users Exchange 2013 CPU Sizing Checker Peak average usage CPU utilization based on hardware, message profile and current number of mailboxes TROUBLESHOOTING Connectivity Outlook


Outlook has some built in tools Connection Status Test AutoDiscover Outlook Tray Icon CTRL + Right Click Connectivity Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Also for several Exchange protocols and Lync/Skype. Web based & remote Client OUTLOOK CONNECTIVITY OUTLOOK CONNECTIVITY OTHER OUTLOOK & MAILBOX ISSUES Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.x

CalCheck MFCMAPI Calendar Checking and fixing Low (MAPI) level mailbox viewer & editor New-MailboxRepairRequest

Use -DetectOnly if you need to detect errors and not disturb user access OFFCAT OFFCAT LOGS & PERFORMANCE Log Parser & Log Parser Studio

Tools to parse log files Contains ready made queries Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) tool Checking Performance counters whether they are within threshold values DailyPerformanceLogs Exchange 2013 Template from Pal ExPerfWiz

Tip 1: Collect all logs and run PAL on a fast computer Tip 2: dont use IE for reports; very very slow. OTHER https:////HealthCheck.htm OpenSSL Win 32 (and SSLSCAN) Checking Exchange SSL protocols and ciphers

IISCrypto RBAC Manager SnakeTail SnakeTail is a Windows tail utility for monitoring growing log files.

Telnet! OTHER Collect-OverMetrics.ps1 CollectLogScript.ps1

DAG Failover report Built-In -> $EXSCRIPTS Collecting eventlogs, IIS logs etc. Run per server Exchange 2013 Performance Health Check Scripts HealthChecker.ps1 COLLECTOVER METRICS OTHER

Very cool Exchange PowerShell scripts Exchange Analyzer Michael van Horenbeeck Community Best Practice Analyzer Exchange 2013 Maintenance Script

Steve Goodman Environment Report Paul Cunningham Michel de Rooij

Install Exchange 2013 script Fix-MailboxFolders.ps1 & Remove-MessageClassItems.ps1 Q&A

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