Eyes - Fernandez-Juricic Lab at Purdue University

Eyes - Fernandez-Juricic Lab at Purdue University

How birds see their world Behavior & Conservation Lab California State University Long Beach E-mail: [email protected] Birds Eye View: http://www.csulb.edu/web/labs/bcl/birdseyeview/

Question? Please, establish how YOU see their world. Colors you perceive. Angle around your head from which you can see. Maximum distance at which you can read. How often you move your eyes.

Bird vision is very complex Color vision (ability to distinguish objects based on the wavelengths of the light they reflect/emit). Birds can perceive more colors than humans. Visual fields (amount of space around the head from

which visual information can be gathered). HUGE variability among bird species. Visual acuity (ability to distinguish two objects as different). Highly variable among bird species.

Eye movement (tracks visual stimuli). Somewhat restricted in birds. Variability in visual systems in birds Differences in visual systems among

species ? Reduce predation ?

Improve ability to find food Horned Owl American Crow

Mallard What is the main morphological difference in their eyes? Eye

n i t n e m e

plac l l u k s

e h t How do you expect the visual fields of these species to be in relation to YOURS?

Draw a schematic representation Visual fields: the limits of the space around an animal from which information can be obtained. direction of the bill

binocular area (food handling) Lateral areas (detection of predators, conspecifics, etc.) blind area top-view

Inter-specific differences in avian visual perception Type 1 Type 2 Type 3

top-views Visual field: eye exam on birds ophthalmoscope + visual field apparatus

How do birds eat? Head-up = vigilance or scanning Do all species use the same body movements when it comes time to grab a bite? Do all species have the eyes placed in the same spot in the skull?

Which species will be able to see while foraging? Why are they able to see? Why is that important for them? Blind area Area from with

visual information available Head up Head down How do humans track visual targets within

the visual field? Mostly through eye movements. Why do we need to move our eyes? Human retina Birds have limited eye

movements! How are they supposed to follow a visual target? How often do birds move their heads? Use the tally counters to count EVERY single (and subtle) head movement of a house finch

foraging. Overall video length = 83 seconds. Calculate the rate per minute and per second. What have you learned today? Variations in the visual field of different bird

species in relation to humans. How birds move their heads to track visual targets. Make predictions.

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