Introduction to Managerial Accounting Richard E. McDermott, Ph.D. Spring 2013 Syllabus Richard E McDermott, Ph.D.

251 Wattis Building Cell phone: 801-628-8413 Email : [email protected] Syllabus Professor's website: http://faculty.weber.edu/rmcder

mott Homework will be done using McGraw-Hills Connect program. To access go to: http://connect.mcgraw-hill.com/cl ass/r_mcdermott_spring_2013 Office Hours Tuesday and Thursday: 2:00

to 3:00 PM Monday Wednesday and Friday: 11:00 AM to 12:00 Noon Quizzes and Examinations Quiz

schedule Size Questions Location Format Quizzes and Examinations Publication

of scores Grading Missed quizzes Quizzes dropped Counsel on taking quizzes

Homework This is a paperless class No hard copies Due dates and penalties Dropped homework assignments

Announcements In class Webpage Emails Grading Item

Percent of Grade Quizzes 75% Final Exam

10% Homework 15% Total

100% Civility and Professionalism in Classroom Accounting Taxonomies Differences Between Financial and Managerial

Accounting Users of Reports Financialoutside users Managerialinside users Focus Financialemphasis on past transactions Managerialemphasis on future

decisions Differences Between Financial and Managerial Accounting Rule orientation Financialvery rule oriented as emphasis is on objectivity and verifiability

Managerialemphasis is on relevance for the decision at hand different costs for different purposes Differences Between Financial and Managerial Accounting Precision versus timeliness Financialprecision

Managerialtimeliness GAAP/IFRS Financialfollows GAAP/IFRS Managerialneed not follow GAAP/IFRS Differences Between Financial and Managerial

Accounting External reporting Financialmandatory for financial reporting Managerialnot mandatory for managerial reporting Differences Between Financial and Managerial

Accounting Types of reports Financialcompanywide Managerialcompany divisions or segments Studying for Accounting 2020 Read

the chapter several times. Work many problems. Come to class prepared to ask questions. Focus on understanding underlying concept rather than memorizing specific rules. Spend 2 to 3 hours outside of class for

every hour spent in class. Ask questions. You Are Responsible For All materials in textbook unless specifically excluded All material from lecture

All materials in PowerPoints and examples posted on web In some ways Accounting 2020 is closer to a math of business class than a financial accounting class. E = MC

2 Professor Background FIRST Quiz Date Location Format

Length Content Questions? Lets Look at the Flow of Costs Through a Factory To review the following lecture from home download the PowerPoint

slide show: http://faculty.weber.edu/rmcdermott to Acc 2020 to McD Mfg to download presentation.

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