Family & relationships - Sol de Terrace

Family & relationships - Sol de Terrace

FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS Unit 2 Day 13 DAILY AGENDA Bell Ringer: Subject/Verb Agreement Vocab Spotlight: Objective, Omen, Pious, Precious, Qualm Reading Lesson: Connect poetry, TKAM, and informational readings using the ICI Strategy. Writing Lesson: Creating Found Poems Bell Ringer 5 Minutes

Instructions: Select the correct verb to complete each sentence.. 1. Either my shoes or your coat (is/are) always on the floor. 2. George and Tamara (doesnt/dont) want to see that movie. 3. The players, as well as the captain, (want/wants) to win. VOCABULARY SPOTLIGHT 15 Minutes Sample Sentences 1.

Trying to be objective, I considered only facts and statistics when selecting my fantasy football team. 2. Many believe that breaking a mirror is an omen of seven years of bad luck. 3. The pious family prayed each morning, before every meal, and at bedtime. 4.

The precocious four-year-old put on a tie and blazer before inviting his parents to join him for hors doeuvres prior to watching the film. 5. Last night, I had a qualm that Id forgotten to do something important, and today during class I realized that I had not finished my project. Objective Omen Pious

Precocious Qualm Explanation of ICI Strategy We will use this strategy to compare and contrast TKAM with the informational readings on birds. ICI stands for interest, connect, and investigate. Heres what that means: Interest: What did you find interesting about what you just read? Was it the topic, the way the author presented it, a particular passage or phrasing? Why were those things interesting to you? Connect: What can you relate the subject/events/characters to? Can you connect it with something personal? Something that you learned in school? Something happening in the world? Investigate: What would you like to know more about? Dont let this one scare you. Do you have questions about vocabulary? Would you like to know more

about something mentioned in the text? Would you like to know more about a literary device used? Would you like to find other texts like this one? TKAM Connection Using the ICI Strategy 1. First, read the informational handouts on Finches, Mockingbirds, and Robins. 2. In the Interest column of your ICI chart, record the characters from TKAM who you believe are symbolized by Finches, Mockingbirds, and Robins. 3. In the Connect column, connect details from the poems, Caged Bird and Sympathy, and the informational handouts 4. Finally, in the Investigate column, note any items that you would like to discuss or to learn more about. Create Found Poems Select one of the characters that you identified as a bird on your ICI chart.

From the poems and informational handouts, select 50-100 words that relate to that character. You may use phrases. Next copy the words and phrases onto a piece of notebook paper. You may move them around or group them as you wish. You may also decide to randomly write them down. Make sure that your poem reveals something about your character. Cut-out anything that seems dull, uninteresting, or does not feel right for your poem. Move words around to create the rhythm, mood, & tone that you want. Finally, you may add two (2) of your own words (underline them). Make a clean copy of your final poem. Clean-up & Announcements minutes 1. Clean-up your work area: Dispose of garbage

Pack-up your belongings 2. Homework: Read Chapters 28-31 and complete corresponding reading guide questions. All due Monday (along with your trifold)! 5

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