Federal Exam Cram Session!

Federal Interpreters or Bust! June 8th, 2018: NAJIT Pre-Conference Workshop Introductions (30 seconds!) Name Where you live now

Where you are from What you hope to get out of this session www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 2 Athena Matilsky From NJ (Im a gringa) Currently in Montreal My desire for this course: Ive taken a billion tests, and Id like to help other people learn from my experience. To that end, I plan to give you my Geek Tips!

www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 3 Athenas Background

Federally Certified Court Interpreter Certified Healthcare Interpreter Approved/Certified in NJ and PA (Spn/Frn) Staff interpreter in Mercer County, NJ: 2013-2016 Editor-in-chief of Proteus, 2015-2016 NAJIT blog committee Currently: Full-time interpreter trainer with Athena Sky Interpreting and de la Mora Interpreter Training www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 4

Geek goals for this session: 1) 2) 3) 4) Understand the layout of the Federal Exam Understand how to be a Study Geek Learn to keep calm during a test Put all your geek skills into practice! PSIn case you didnt notice, were reclaiming the word,

geek. Thats a good thing. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 5 Because www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 6 Goal one: Understanding the Layout

of the Federal Exam Bookmark this link! https://paradigmtesting.com/ fcice-welcome/ 7 Geek goal one: Understanding the Layout of the Federal Exam Bookmark this link! https://paradigmtesting.com/ fcice-pt/

www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 8 Geek goal one: Understanding the Layout of the Federal Exam And this one! https://paradigmtesting.com/ fcice-hb/ www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 9

Starting From the Very Beginning Take advantage of the Paradigm website Take mock exams to gauge your strengths and weaknesses Use GRE and AP books to target those strengths and weaknesses And read, read, read! 10

What do we know about the written test? Q: How much time does the test take? Q: How many questions are there? Q: What types of questions are there? 11 What do we know? Q: How much time does the test take? A: 3.25 hours /2.5 hours Q: How many questions are there? A: 100 Spanish, 100

English Q: What types of questions are there? A: Reading comprehension, Usage, Error Detection, Synonyms, Best Translation 12 Reading Comprehension Step 1: Read carefully and build an understanding of what the entire piece is about. Step 2: Understand the main idea of each paragraph Step 3: Answer each question, finding specifically where

you can back yourself up in the text. Dont fall for answers that are true, but unrelated! In order to practice reading comprehension, make a point of reading and understanding everything you can get your 13 hands on, especially in your weaker language! Reading Comprehension A push for nuclear power is not the way to meet America's urgent energy needs. New plants cannot be brought on line quickly enough to offset present electricity shortages, which many experts believe are caused primarily by limited capacity for transmission, not production problems.

Nor can using nuclear plants make a big dent in global warming. Twothirds of the emissions of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, are from transportation or other sources not related to power generation. Worldwide, it would take 3,000 nuclear plants to replace all coal plants, yet that increase would reduce carbon emissions by only 20 percent. [--This and all written examples come from Paradigm mock exam] www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 14 Reading Comprehension Q: What is the projected impact on global warming of an increase in nuclear power?

A. Emissions of carbon dioxide would drop by 20 percent. B. Very little improvement in global climate would occur. C. Nuclear plants would make a big dent in the trend. D. Carbon emissions would be reduced by two-thirds. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 15 Usage 19. Projections for the next fiscal year indicate that tobacco tax revenue will decrease at a marked faster rate than in the last five years. A. markedly faster

B. markedly fast C. marked more fast D. no change www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 16 Error Detection 113. Tras (A) aos de estudio, los cientficos de la NASA continan a buscar (B) la frmula ms adecuada para contrarrestar (C) la gravedad. Sin error (D) www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

17 Synonyms 142. El litigio ser sometido a arbitraje. A. querella B. mediacin C. injerencia D. intemperie www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 18 Best Translation Democracy, understood as regular, free and fair elections, and respect for their

results, is being taken for granted (153) in Latin America at the present time. In addition, the oppositions access to political power has become the norm (154) over the past twenty years. In almost two-thirds of the national elections since 1980, the candidate winning the presidency has been from a political party different from the incumbent. While there have been (155) multiple challenges to presidential successions, the unequivocal conclusion is that electoral democracy has taken hold in most countries in the region. This is quite an accomplishment (156), given Latin Americas history of coups and other non-elected regimes. A. se toma por segura B. se da por sentada C. se tiene como cierta D. se considera garantizada www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 19

What can we study for? Reading Comprehension- Usage- Error Detection- Synonyms-Read, read, read! Best translation-Read, read, read! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 20 In Summary

Take Mock Exams intermittently (Available on Paradigm website and through Arizona University). Study any concepts you arent certain about. Create and study glossaries of terms. (Quizlet.com is an excellent resource.) Read, read, read! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 21 Geek goal one: Understanding the Layout of the Federal Oral Exam

Sight Translation: What length are the documents? 230 Words How much time are you given to complete the translation, total? 5 minutes What is the maximum time permitted for review? 1.5 minutes

How many scorable units does it contain? 22 each What types of documents will you find? -English to Spanish topics: Police reports, PSI reports, Affadavits -Spanish to English topics: Notarized affidavits, legal documents, educated letters www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 22 Geek goal one: Understanding the Layout of the Federal Exam Simultaneous- Monologue:

Approximately how long will the speech last? 7 minutes What speed will this be? 120 WPM How many scorable units does it contain? 65 What type of language will this portion contain? Typical jury address containing high and low registers www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

23 Geek goal one: Understanding the Layout of the Federal Exam Consecutive: How long is in this section (minutes)? 18

How long is this section (words)? 875-925 How many scorable units does it contain? 76 What type of language will this portion contain? Cross-examination; lowregister, profanity How many repetitions are allowed? 2 Bonus (not in handbook): Approximately how long will the longest utterance be? 50 (Based on previous experience-this may have changed.) www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 24 Geek goal one: Understanding the Layout of the Federal Exam

Simultaneous-Expert Witness How long is this section (minutes)? 5 How long is this section (words)? 600 How fast does it get? 160 WPM How many scorable units does it contain? 35 What type of topics may be covered? Evidence from law

enforcement or experts (ie DNA, Computer Forensics, Firearms, Drugs, Serology, etc.) www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 25 Geek goal one: Understanding the Layout of the Federal Exam Last question: To pass the test, we need to get ___% of ______? That means, and take note: You dont have to get 100% of everything. Or even close. Also, you will never know which

one is a scoring unit and which one isnt. So that voice that keeps trying to guess, or beating yourself up for missing it? Shut it off. Your only job, when you are interpreting, is to interpret! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 26 Introducing. Geek Goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

27 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! Identify your priorities Know where your study materials are. Dont spend time searching for them. Come up with a realistic, detailed study plan Stick to itcome hell or highwater! Find someone to hold yourself accountable And thenReward yourself, because youre awesome. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

28 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! There are different types of study sessions: Understanding topics in both languages, in context Glossary creation/Vocabulary practice Simulated interpretation www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

29 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! To understand topics in both languages, in context: Read and watch videos (YouTube is your friend!) on DNA, Serology, Fingerprints, Firearms, Computer Forensics, Gangs, DrugsThis way you learn the vocabulary in context. Read and understand (notice I didnt say translate) highregister documents such as wills, powers of attorney, letters of recommendation, etc. Read novels and watch movies that help you absorb slang www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

30 and idiomatic expressions. Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! For glossary creation/vocabulary practice: Find the vocabulary (through your interpreting practice sessions or from your work understanding topics in context) Categorize it (i.e. weapons, drugs, anatomy)Sorting makes things easier for our brains to use. Pick a format (I recommend Quizlet and sound files!) Actively use it! (i.e., dont just sit there staring while your

eyes glaze over) www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 31 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! Simulated interpretation: Reserve a quiet spot in the house Guarantee yourself at least an hour Work on one (yes, one!) exercise:

www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 32 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! 1. Interpret while recording yourself 2. Listen to your recording while actively comparing it to the transcript 3. Research new terms/difficult grammar concepts and listen to example interpretations

www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 33 Sit back and relax, youre done! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 34 OR ARE YOU? www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

35 Doing it again isnt cheating! Do concert pianists just try playing a piece through once? After all, on the night of their big debut, they wont be allowed to pause in the middle! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 36 Components to interpreting

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Comprehension Memory Visualization Note-Taking

Delivery Handling speed Precisely rendering complex passages Idioms, slang, syntaxthe list goes on! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 37 So why isnt it cheating? There are so many aspects to each exercise that even if you may remember portions of it or know what to expect, that will only free up your brain to deal with the other

challenges. Not repeating the exercises does you a great disservice. It means you are skipping a wonderful opportunity to solidify new vocabulary, tackle complex passages and polish your delivery. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 38 How many times should I do an exercise? Until its nearly perfect, or

Until youre ready to throw your book out the window! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 39 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! More on simulated interpretation: Treat it like the real deal! No side talk, ums, or uhs. Be cool, calm and professional. If you dont feel like a million bucks, fake it! Remember, you are developing the muscle memory in your study practice that will get you past the nerves on

the exam. Create good habits that your brain can default to. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 40 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! More on simulated interpretation: If youre working with a study buddy, allow the interpreter to be the first to evaluate him/herself. That will help diminish the urge to doubt yourself while you are rendering your interpretation.

www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 41 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! More on simulated interpretation: Dont forget, you can go back to the basics! And you should. For example, if you are struggling with fast-paced simultaneous, shadow Spanish. It will help you absorb vocabulary anyway. You can always pick one of these things for a warmup. Some basics:

For simultaneous: Shadowing, dual-task, word substitution For consecutive: Memory exercises, symbol drilling For sight: Chunking, reading for understanding, reading out loud for delivery, word substitution www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 42 Geek goal two: Understanding How to Be a Study Geek! Be specific about your goals. For example: Render longer utterances with higher accuracy Keep up with faster-paced speech

Understand complex terminology Understand high-register Spanish Increase my knowledge of slang Improve my ability to capture names and numbers www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 43 In order to succeed, you must: Believe that youre the best interpreter there ever was.THEN PROVE IT.

www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 44 Sohow do we study smart? 1. Learn new vocabulary (and dont just stare at it until your eyes glaze over actively use it!) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. 8. Voice record your interpreting practice Grade yourself Research anything you need to know, listening to the example if there is one. Do it all over again! And again! And again! And again and again and again and againandagain! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

45 Study materials You want to find materials that have the level of complexity reflected in your goals (in this case, the federal exam), with audio and corresponding text. Acebo: Edge 21 and Interpreters Edge (My advice: Only try Turbo if you feel like taking your brain on a roller coaster that day) University of Arizona: Legal Interpretools (Multi-speeds and great expert witness practice) The Confident Interpreter: The Triple 7 + Spanish Minimal Pair Interpreting Resources Interpretrain Note-Taking Manual Audio glossaries at www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

Federal Interpreters or Bust! On Quizlet.com www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 46 More on study skills Dont be afraid to go back to the basics! Treat every practice session like the real thing; avoid the urge to second-guess yourself while in the middle of an interpretation Cultivate confidence: Fake it til you make it! Afterward, think like a scientist: Categorize your errors so they are less overwhelming, and then address each one specifically

Always remember: You cant interpret what you dont understand, so spend time learning about difficult subjects, in context, in both languages www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 47 Study Groups Why have a study group? How can I find a study partner? www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

48 Study Group Rules 1. Interpreter always self-evaluates first. 2. Everyone focuses on what went well to begin. 3. Feedback is clear and specific! Finallykeep an open mind, and allow recordings and reliable, content-specific dictionaries to resolve any differences of opinion. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

49 Bad Feedback That was great! It was okay but I know I missed a bunch of stuff. That was terrible. Why? None of these evaluations is specific or clear. Nothing can be learned. Number one and two dont actually count as positive feedback, and number three is actively discouraging. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 50

Good Feedback I loved your delivery. You were clear, articulate and easy to understand. I was really proud of how I captured almost all of the utterance. You managed to stay calm even when the speaker kept going! I believe that if you were to work on your notes, you could capture those smaller details that sometimes go missing. I hear you capturing the main ideas, but usually when they www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 51

say fillers like um or uh, youre filtering them out. Techniques to keep calm during test www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 52 Shoot for the stars But dont expect to land there! You can pass the exam with just 80%

Knowledge is power But you should expect that there will be something you dont knoweven something easy that you simply forget! Those few words or phrases wont cost you (heck, they may not even be scoring units!) But the important thing is to immediately get back in the zone. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 53 Before the test

Read through the test-taking manual, so you know exactly what to expect

DO NOT Study The night before, get plenty of sleep. Have a good meal, but nothing too heavy. Do something that makes you feel good (watch a funny video on YouTube! Go for a walk! Meditate or pray if thats your thing!) DO: Warm up with something very easy that you have done before DO: Schedule any heavy traveling for the day before!! Listen to a motivating song Allow plenty of time to get to the testing site, and study the directions beforehand. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

54 Tell yourself Im the best interpreter there ever was! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 55 Also Dont forget to breathe!

www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 56 www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 57 Go forth and study! Remember: Youre the best interpreter there ever was. NowProve it! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com

58 Simulated Practice in Groups! 1. Consecutive practice 2. Sight practice 3. Simultaneous practice And finally, Introducing Expanded sequence! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 59

One last practice for everyone! EXPANDED SEQUENCE Instructions: Listen to the first term, hold it in your head, and only say it out loud once you have heard the next term. Advanced instructions: Hold two terms in your head. Then three! Sky is the limit. Pro tip: You can make your own expanded sequence exercises by recording a list of random phrases and terms, especially names and numbers! www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 60

Expanded sequence September 4th. Mark Andrews. 2018. 2004. Matilda Hutchinson. Case law. Jurisprudence. 2004 Honda Civic. 32 calibre colt revolver. February 13th. Spring 2017. Second degree armed robbery. Shoplifting, a misdeamoner. January 2nd, 2004. 1979 Volkswagon Bug. Julia Roberts. 29 years old. Nordstroms department store. Advanced simultaneous interpreting. www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 61

www.AthenaSkyInterpreting.co m Free resources Free informational blogs Course offerings: Private coaching and group classes online Special deal for NAJIT participants! Sign up for email list Contact Athena at: [email protected]

www.athenaskyinterpreting.com 62

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