Feedback and Assessment for Learning

Effective Feedback for Learning Parent Information Session Amy Norwood Monday 23 April 2018 Aims

Establishing the context Draw a house Exploring the places we live Design a house for a family of 4 people Your house must have:

1.A main door 2.At least 3 windows 3.At least 2 rooms 4.A sloped roof What can effective feedback achieve? Students increase effort Students develop more effective learning strategies

Students increase autonomy and self-regulation Teachers provide specific goals and criteria Teachers understand the impact of their teaching The research This is not anything new and will not change again next year! John Hattie and Helen Timperley, The Power of Feedback, 2007

Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam, Inside the Black Box, 1998 ffective Feedback (Hattie & Timperley, 2007) Effective feedback must answer three main questions (student or teacher): Where am I going? (What are the goals?)

How am I going? (What progress is being made toward the goal?) Where to next? (What activities need to be undertaken to make better progress?)

Characteristics of Good Improvement Feedback Task focused and given with the goal of improvement Specific / clear feedback should include what needs to be improved or developed next Positive clearly identify what has been achieved, accomplished or developed

Provided in a timely manner so that it is meaningful or relevant Age and stage appropriate so that it is e.g. Well done is not helpful; instead try Your vocabulary to describe the haunted house is excellent. Make sure you use full stops and capital letters correctly right to

the end of the story. In addition, learners need to be provided with opportunities to apply the feedback As a staff, we have reflected on: How do we communicate learning goals AND success criteria to students? How do we show what success looks like?

How are we using the evidence of childrens understanding to inform feedback and lesson planning? Can we measure impact? Hatties four feedback levels (2007) 1.Task - How well has the task been performed; is it correct or incorrect?

2. Process - What are the strategies needed to perform the task; are there alternative strategies that can be used? 3.Self-regulation - Self monitoring, directing, monitoring the processes and task; what is the knowledge and understanding needed to know what you are doing?

4.Self - Personal evaluation and affect The Experts On feedback The only thing that matters is what students do with it. Good feedback causes thinking (Dylan Wiliam) There should always be this quest to move

forward and feedback provides this platform (Shirley Clarke) At Fox Covert, we hope that your childs Progress File gives you an insight into the work carried out in the classroom. You should see a range of feedback in this jotter and your child should be able to discuss comments given and identify their next steps.

Encourage your children to discuss their learning instead of asking what they learned, maybe ask them to explain it to you or what they need to develop. Encourage the process and the effort. Remember, feedback should promote change and improvement. Balance ! Aims

L.I. To gain a fuller understanding of the use of effective feedback in the classroom S.C. I can: explain some of the theory behind feedback in schools

use effective feedback at home identify good examples of feedback

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