FI-Patent Data Capture

FI-Patent Data Capture

PRH patent eServices today 28.03.2001 Juha Rekola Head of Development Division Patents and Innovations Line eServices of patentit Electronic services via Internet: Online filing of applications Other communications File inspections Electronic payments Patent information services FI Patent Data Flow Strong encryption Strong authentication FW Examiner Reports FW FW File Inspection [email protected] WOM Patent Register Publication Module: Applications Patent U-models Patent Magazine

Weekly Issue Publications EPO Data: espacenet/Inpadoc Publications Jukeboxes Common Software Application Server FW Secure File Inspection Online Filing JPhoenix Electronic Document Archive

Bank files Key-in Scanning Indexing PatRek Paper Files 128 bit SSL patentIT-epoline cooperation Online filing of applications Electronic archive system

OLF - EASY project Other communications File inspections Common Software Patent Register WebRegister 2002 Search Reports Mailbox my.epoline Online Filing rules New filing rule article 2 Application can be filed online or using CD-R Rules for online filing in annex Annex will be applied also to CD-R filings CD-R application has to be filed together with application form with hand written signature

CD-R will be used for Mega applications Online Filing rules New annex for online filing 01.04.2001: Act for eServices will be applied EPO filing standard chapters 5-7 will applied Filing address Filing software will be provided free of charge FINEID identity card PKI digital signature Act on e-services in the public administration

Electronic document fulfils requirements of written Electronic document will be signed with digital signature (certificate) The certificate shall be based on public key technology Act for e-services in public administration Sender has always responsibility get the electronic message through office has responsibility to send a receipt Message has been received when it is

available in offices data system Office can process received messages if contents is not changed Always on voluntary basis Puclic Key Infrastructure PKI satisfies the requirements for Authentication / Verification Confidentiality / Privacy No-one else can see the data transmitted Integrity

Each party knows who the other is Data transmitted and received are identical Accountability / Non-Repudiation Both parties can prove receipt Electronic identity card Public key infrastructure Smartcard Relevant PKSC standards:

iD2 technology PKSC#7 for digital signature PKCS#11 for token PKCS#15 for card X.509 v.3 certificates Meets the EU directive requirements Electronic identity card Every card is unique (cannot be copied) Two card holder certificates, key length 1028 bits

CA certificate, key length 2028 bits Authentication certificate Signature certificate Two PINs to sign certificates and revocation lists FINUID number Electronic identity card Certification authority, Population Register Centre (FINSIGN for citizens)

Directory services: LDAP Revocation list Helpdesk Cards are issued by police More information available: Electronic identity card Will be used in Finnish Patent Office in electronic services for authentication and for digital signature:

online filings file inspection patent information services And when using our partners services: EPO, WIPO OnLine Filing Standards Filing standard WIPO standard for electronic filing EPO filing standard Data standard XML Emerging de-facto market standard Will eventually replace SGML for IP documents IFF OnLine Filing Formats Document formats PDF

Market standard for Documents Guarantees What you see is what I sent XML will replace pdf in the future ASCII Sequence listing FI OnLine Filing FI-OLF milestones Domestic FI filings

FI-EP translations External testing 03.2001 External production like testing 09.-11.04 In operation 17.04.2001 External testing 06.2001 In operation 08.2001 Other communications External testing 11.12.2001 In operation 1.1.2002 FI OnLine Filing If online filing successful receipt will be

delivered in the end of session Online flings have own application number series starting from YYYY5001 Online filing server is running 7/24 but Office opening hours from 08.00-20.00 from Monday to Friday Filings received after office hours will be received on next office day FI Online filing Olf test users: Kolster

Berggren Seppo Laine Jari Lipsanen JVP-palvelu Anki Lybeck Juha Salomki Nokia MP Filing Center, Sinikka Haikonen

FI Online Filing FI OLF deployment phase I Open production system tests 9.-11.4.2001 Production starting day 17.04.2001 All users has to be registered All users are registered to epoline users as well Software packages are supplied by PRH Includes all current EASY modules: EP, FI, FR (diskette), PCT (diskette) Slow start Online filing configuration

Hardware: Operation systems: Windows 98/NT/2000 Win 2000 recommended Smartcard reader Online filing configuration Softwares: Adobe pdf writer, Adobe distiller (recommended)

Internet browser with 128 bit encryption: Netscape 4.76 or Explorer 5.05 Smartcard reader drivers iD2 Personal toolkit 2.4.1 Sun Java runtime environment 1.1.8 Online filing client software PRH patent eServices web pages eServices web site:

PRH online filing pages

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