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Imagery & Figurative Language An image is a word or sequence of words that refers to any sensory experience Imagery What are your five senses? Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste, and Smell An image conveys a sense

perception , i.e., a visual picture, a sound, a feeling of touch, a taste, or an odor Figures of Speech Figurative language uses figures of speech to convey unique images and create some sort of special effect or impression.

A figure of speech is an intentional difference from the ordinary usage of language. Poetry works by comparison Poets often create images or enhance meaning by comparing one thing to another for special effect.

Simile A simile is a type of metaphor, a figure in which an clear comparison is made using the comparative words like, as, resembles, than. Similes are easy to spot. (X is like Y: X is compared to Y in order to illustrate X more fancifully, poetically, or effectively. But Y is not a literal representation of X, not actual.)

The teams center looked like a skyscraper. My love is like a red, red rose. We were as quiet as frightened mice. More similes Dumb as a door knob As good as gold Like a bat out of hell

Tough as nails Working like a dog Larger than life Metaphor A metaphor also compares, but a metaphor is a bit more sophisticated than a simile. For one thing, in a metaphor, the words

like or as are missing. So readers have to recognize the comparison on their own without those easy words which help us to spot a simile so quickly. Metaphor (continued) In a metaphor, a poet writes that X is Y. Readers understand that we are not to take the comparison

literally, but that the metaphor helps us to see X in a new way. My brother is a prince. Paul Brown Stadium was a slaughterhouse. More metaphors Jimmy was a lion in the fight. Her eyes are dark emeralds. Her teeth are pearls.

There are plenty of fish in the sea Personification Another kind of comparison is called personification. Here, animals, elements of nature, and objects are given human qualities.

-The full moon smiled down at me An angry wind slashed its way across the island. More on Figurative Language The three main uses of figurative language needed to read poetry are the previous: Simile

Metaphor Personification But there are many other poetic devices used. The more you recognize, the richer your reading experience can be. Hyperbole Hyperbole is intentional exaggeration

or overstating, often for dramatic or humorous effect: Your predicament saddens me so much that I feel a actual flood of tears coming on: Symbol A symbol is a person, place, an

object, or an action that stands for something beyond itself. A dove is a symbol for peace. In slave code songs, a drinking gourd is a symbol for the big dipper. The End

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