BetVictor Affiliates Advertising, Promotion and Compliance Guidelines Who Regulates BetVictor? BetVictor holds a remote operator licence from The Great Britain Gambling Commission. Advertising and promotional activities undertaken by BetVictor or you, on behalf of BetVictor, are regulated by:

Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising & Direct & Promotional Marketing; Advertising Standards Authority (ASA); Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP); Competition and Markets Authority (CMA); and Gambling Commissions (Gibraltar, Great Britain and Ireland) To ensure compliance with the above licence and regulatory obligations, all affiliate advertising of the BetVictor brand must be as set out in this document.

3/2/20 What are our Licence Objectives? BetVictor must: 3/2/20 Keep gambling crime free; Protect children, young persons and other vulnerable people; Ensure gambling is conducted in a fair and open way What is the BetVictor Affiliate Team doing to ensure compliance?

3/2/20 Communicating relevant changes to affiliates when required; Appointed a dedicated Affiliate Security and Compliance Officer; Working closely with the BetVictor Legal and Compliance teams; Updated our Affiliate Terms and Conditions; Reviewing all affiliate websites/social media pages promoting the BetVictor brand on a constant basis; Providing compliant creative for the Affiliate to use on its site available within the Affiliate Programme.

Affiliate Content on which mediums is impacted by the CAP and ASA? Including (but not limited to):

3/2/20 Websites; social media; banners; in-game ads; hyperlinks; promotional codes; E-promotions; paid ads for Facebook; tweets; websites made to look like editorial content; and blog spots.

What else does the ASA require? By 01 March 2018, Affiliates must: 3/2/20 Restrict adverts that create a sense of urgency (i.e., do not use Bet Now offers during live events); Curb trivialisation of gambling (i.e. do not encourage repetitive play); Prevent approaches that give an irresponsible perception of the risk or control (i.e. do not use Risk Free Deposit Bonus wording); Not portray or refer to problem gambling behaviour and associated behaviours; Prevent undue emphasis on money-motives for gambling;

What terms should all adverts include to be ASA and CAP compliant? Whether created by BetVictor or the Affiliate, all adverts must: Display full terms and conditions on landing pages; Include a disclaimer are on the offer banner/promotion detailing significant terms Ensure full terms and conditions are no more than one click away from the banner/promotion; Include a prominent, clear direct link to the full terms and conditions in all sponsored search results and smaller banners; Include a short link in the social media offer (I.e. a hyperlink from the text terms and conditions). Alternatively, an image of terms and conditions could be included, avoiding Twitters character limit; Include all significant terms around wagering requirements, depositing, withdrawals limits, offer start and end date on all adverts; Include:, 18+ and that T&C apply; Specify whether New Customers or Existing Customers; and Specify other restrictions (e.g. debit and credit card deposits only).

3/2/20 Sample advert wording For a Bet 10 Get 40 Promotion: New Customers Only; Bet 10; Receive 30 in Free Sports Bet (split into 3 x bets of 10 each) and 10 Free Casino Bonus; Wagering requirements apply; Credit or Debit Card deposits only; 18+; T&C apply; These significant terms must be hyperlinked to the offers landing page. 3/2/20 What are the BetVictor brand requirements? All BetVictor offers on the affiliate site must include:

Correct Offer Title; Correct Offer Details; Correct BetVictor branding (as set out on next slide); and Include all offer terms (as set out in previous slide). We have a range of fully Compliant banners available in your affiliate account in the following location should you wish to use our own GIF/JPEGs Marketing Tools/Creative Search/BetVictor UK (product) If you are unsure on anything then please email [email protected] where we will review any creative/ posts/imagery 3/2/20 BetVictor Creatives Examples

Banner Format: 3/2/20 Logo Format: The logos displayed here are the only logos on-brand and approved by BetVictor. If your BetVictor banners dont have the font, structure and CTA button colour of the displayed above then please update Please ensure all Social Media posts include the terms as laid out in the example *Neglect to maintain correct and on-brand BetVictor creative can result in account

closure and commission held* 3/2/20 Social Media Format: What happens if BetVictor receives a complaint about an affiliate advert? In accordance with Clause 6 of the Affiliate Terms and Conditions, BetVictor will disclose the affiliates contact details to the complainant directly. Should BetVictor receive a regulatory fine, the Affiliate will be required to

reimburse BetVictor in full for the amount of the fine. We remind you of the obligations relating to promotions set out in Clause 6 and Clause 7 of the Affiliate Terms and Conditions, and ask you to contact us where you require any clarity or have a concern. 3/2/20 What happens if the Affiliate Fails to Comply with the Regulations and/or the Affiliate Terms and Conditions? BetVictor may: Close the Affiliates account;

Withhold further commission; and Require reimbursement of any fine imposed on BetVictor as a result of the Affiliates actions. 3/2/20 Thank You

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