FinTech in Microfinance and Agri-finance

FinTech in Microfinance and Agri-finance

FinTech in Microfinance and Agriculture Finance By: Muhammad Zubair Mughal Chief Executive Officer- CEO AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking & Economics What is FinTech? Currently there is not a universally accepted definition of the term FinTech FinTech is to combine financial services with modern and innovative technologies

It is clearly a rapidly growing industry as investments in these technologies are growingly exponentially The fintech revolution started post 2007-2008 financial crisis FinTech services are for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, crowdfunding, money transfer, mobile payments and trading platforms Segments of FinTech Industry FinTech Features

Convenience Provide the means to keep economies expanding while traditional methods and limited applicability Improved, efficient and Secured Payment System Speed with accuracy Innovative way to address the Financial data mining issues,

Activity Reports, etc. User Friendly Efficient Time Management FinTech Challenges Unavailability of Regulatory Framework Not Suitable with existing Financial Systems

Rapid developments in technology cause financial Institutions to invest more on technology in competitive markets Rapidly changes make regulations a problem and provide outlet for criminal activities Islamic FinTech A few prominent FinTech companies that offer Shariah-compliant financial solutions are Dubai-based Beehive, Jakarta-based Blossom Finance, and Singapore-based KapitalBoost and ClubEthis deals in P2P lending and CrowdFunding

FinTech in the Islamic finance positively contributes to the evolution of the Islamic finance products and services Elimination of credit intermediaries results in lower prices Crowdfunding and P2P financing provides the platform for Musharakah- and Mudharabah-based equity financing which are not in traditional IFI environment Islamic FinTech Initiatives Investment Account Platform (IAP) first Malaysian Multi-Banks financial intermediation in Feb-2016 by Six Islamic Banks

Islamic FinTech Alliance (IFT) by Eight global crowdfunding platform in April-2016 in Malaysia Worlds first automated Islamic investment platform with the aim of providing access to halal portfolio management for 2 billion Muslims in Sep-2016 Asias first Shariah compliant Robo Advisor: Algebra brings together the sound investment principles of Shariah compliant funds with the next generation investment tools in Malaysia on Oct-2016

Future Finance 2030, the first Global Islamic Fintech Hub which would be the focal point of the fast growing Islamic FinTech FinTech in Microfinance FinTech has impact on conventional finance and microfinance alike According to World Bank, FinTech is helpful for Financial Inclusion MFIs should set up their own e-money system by creating a cash-in/cash-out agent network, loan decision-making, and

other essential banking functions Tremendous growth of internet access and smartphones fuledup FinTech FinTech helps to bank the unbanked population FinTech in Islamic Microfinance By the World Bank, FinTech in Islamic Finance is in its early stages of development although has various initiatives Some FinTech based Islamic microfinance

- Malaysia based Ethis-Kapital - Singapore based Kapital Boost - Indonesia based Trust Network Finance- TNF FinTech in Agricultural Finance Village Capital has announced the first winners of its innovative program, East Africa: FinTech for Agriculture 2015- program is supported by the DOEN Foundation, The MasterCard Foundation and Duncan Goldie-Scot Issues of FinTech in Agricultural Finance: of Lack of physical access points

lack of formal banking institutions who understand the needs the agricultural community Lack of timely availability of funds for farmers Lack of Credit information of Farmar and CIB. FinTech in Islamic Agricultural finance According to Ericsson Mobility Report by 2020, 70% population would be using smartphones: So great potential exist for Islamic microfinance FinTech Untapped market should be addressed through Shariah Compliant FinTech

To provide access points by mobile payments, retail store points, etc. in remote areas According to EY the adoption of FinTech is not an option anymore So As FinTech helps for better risk management: Islamic microfinance product will be free from Shariah risk and efficiency Conclusion To provide Financial services through technology

Shariah Compliant FinTech Initiatives are demanding in Muslim Countries and non-Muslim countries as well It is newly introduced, rapidly growing sector Need Comprehensive and suitable regulation framework FinTech in Islamic Microfinance and Islamic Agricultural Finance has huge potential to grow

More initiatives are required to set up FinTech institutions Enhance Financial Inclusion among poor and unbanked population

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