Flooding Rivers - Humanities

Flooding Rivers - Humanities

FLOODING RIVERS We all need to know about the causes and effects of Flooding in the UK. STARTER - HOW CAN THIS CAUSE FLOODING? HTTPS:// WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=NHRSCWROGUO As you watch the video make a note of any make something happen) and that occur as a result). causes (these

effects (these are impacts BOSCASTLE FLOOD WATCH THIS VIDEO Describe the location of Boscastle in relation to Plymouth. INTRODUCTION Use the following PowerPoint and the notes from the video to

create a case study with the following headings. Introduction and location Flood causes, human and physical. Flood impacts and effects Flood responses what did they do afterwards?

CASE STUDY Click! Your task is to create an informative poster The client is Cornwall Council 10 Years after the event the council want to commemorate with posters to be

displayed around the area Your poster should tell people: The events of the day The causes of the flood The impacts of the flood

The response during the event The improvements made to flood defences since the event Interesting facts and figures BOSCASTLE POSTER

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