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Folie 1 - Klinghardt Academy

The treatment of Lyme disease in the ASD child Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD April 2010 YME BORRELIOSIS: GREAT IMITATOR Lyme can cause cardiomyopathy, CHF, perimyocarditis, cardiac arrhythmias, AV block and other conduction disturbances. (Eur Heart J.1991 Aug;12 Suppl D:73-5) Fetal borrelia can cause fetal death, growth retardation, cardiac anomolies, hydrocephalus, blindness, neonatal resp.

distress, SIDS and toxemic pregnancy. (Rheum Dis Clin North Am.1989 Nov;15(4):657-77) GREAT IMITATOR YME BORRELIOSIS: Lyme is a spirochetal illness resembling syphilis. Can mimic MS, myelopathy, polyneuropathy, brain tumor, encephalopathy. (Neurosurgery.1992May;30(5):769-73) Can cause meningitis, encephalitis, neuritis,mania, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, anorexia, dementia. (Am J Psychiatry. 1994 Nov;151(11):1571-83)

YME BORRELIOSIS: TRANSMISSION Mosquitos , fleas, stinging flies (horse flies), spider bites ticks Blood transfusions Sexual intercourse Trans-placental transfer to the fetus Breast feeding Food Saliva (kissing), contaminated utensils and telephones LYME Co-Infections CO-INFECTIONS Borrelia (bacteria) Babesia (protozoa) Bartonella (bacteria)

Ehrlichia (rickettsia) Coxiella (rickettsia) Mycoplasma (L-form) Viruses (HHV6,CMV,EBV, Borna, Opportunistic Infections Giardia and amoebas Worms most common: Varestrongylus Klapowi (lungworm) Mold/yeast All human pathogenic viruses (over 2000) most ommon: Borna Virus, herpes family and XMRV Strep and oral bacteria (chronic tonsillitis) Biological treatment of Lyme disease in ASD Children The treatment of Lyme disease requires 4 distinctive steps:

1. Decreasing toxic body burden/unloading the system 2. Improving disturbed physiology 3. Decreasing microbial count 4. Immunemodulation 1. Unloading the system- detox Microbes establish themselves by successfully modulating the hosts immune system. They do this with a variety of mechanisms. One of them is the excretion of biotoxins and neural messenger molecules. Several of

these block the hosts innate mechanisms and enzyme systems capable to eliminate these substances (detox enzymes). These same blocked enzymes are the ones we use to detoxify mercury and other environmental toxins. The same enzymes may already be compromised by genetic polymorphisms. The net effect: the host looses the ability to eliminate toxins and becomes increasingly contaminated with a spectrum of physiological, biochemical, emotional and social findings congruent with ASD. Solution: use detox agents and methods in low EMF environment 1. Detox agent options: we use the same agents that remove metals to also remove biotoxins

Chlorella, CVE and CGF Matrix Metals spray (nanonized chlorella and cilantro) Cilantro tincture Micro Silica (silica bound SH-groups) OSR (glutathion increase) Aminoacids: methionine, taurine, glycine, BCAAs Alginate Plant stem cell preparation (7 flowerbuds from BioPure) Chemicals: homeopathic 48 day detox pack Laser detox Oral DMPS, DMSA Subcutaneous injections with DMPS 1.

Decreasing toxic body burden/unloading the system: the ASD child cannot eliminate toxins in the EMF environment Lower EMF exposure : Night time technology: turn off all fuses, sleep sanctuary, turquoise light/photon wave to increase melatonin and non-rem Delta sleep) Day-time technology: no wireless in home, no chordless phones. No bright lights at home. DVD/computer set on low contrast/volume Stetzer filters, Renzo chip, consider silver coated clothing for EMF protection Other sleep issues: Non-toxic/allergenic bedding material (cave: flame retardants/PBDEs) Avoid light/noise pollution at night bitter orange (Andrea Lalama) melatonin

Self Help: 1. Unloading the system - detox Colon hydrotherapy/enemas and lymphatic drainage, rhythmic cranial and liver compression Breathing retraining (Linda Scotson Technique) Dry skin brushing and warm/cold showers Swedish sauna and Toxaway ionic foot bath Cilantro, chlorella, CGF, CVE, Matrix Metals Detect and resolve interference fields: Scars

Chronic Tonsillitis: regenerative cryotherapy ( Zithromax 500 mg once a week Quintessence (BioPure) Sanum remedies: Notakehl and SanPseu for 6 weeks, then Sancombi for 9 months Remove allergenic triggers and ongoing toxin exposure (from environment ) Food allergies (Doris Rapp MD) Volatile organic compounds from carpets, furniture and paints new car smell (phthalates) Newspaper and office printing ink Work/profession related compounds from parents, Chinese toys Check the soil in garden (lead) and playground materials

1. Unloading the system - detox Removing psychological toxins Parents do the work: 20 minute writing exercise to overcome past trauma Family constellation work to resolve trans-generational issues Applied Psycho-Neurobiology to resolve conflicts and severe trauma Regular time spend in healthy nature Regular massage Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Meditation Removing structural blockages Optimize the dental occlusion to restore cranial lymphatic pump Craniosacral therapy to improve fluid dynamics in CNS Visceral manipulation to improve organ function 2. Improving disturbed physiology and biochemistry (vitality, detox, immune responses, tissue repair)

Every child should receive inhalation with singlet oxygen energy (Valkion) to increase ATP, NADPH, glutathione. Increase ATP with Dgalactose HPU urine test /address deficiencies (Core) Assessment via lab work or ART correct what is missing and what is too much (minerals, fatty acids, aminoacids, hormones and electrolytes, glutathione, sulfur, etc.) Genetic testing: find minimal bypass nutrition to correct for SNPs or gene deletions/mutations Diet: gluten and casein free diet, Specific carbohydrate diet,Metabolic typing, blood group diet or ART based diet Common deficiencies in Lyme: magnesium: consider to give

transdermal or via injection. Oral Mag feeds otherwise untreated spirochetes. Iron displacement in the brain (Zamboni) Copper, zinc and iron are spent by macrophages and appear in oxidized form in hair and serum, giving the wrong appearance of excess 2. Improving distrubed biochemistry and physiology: KPU/HPU Over 80% of our Lyme patients have developed HPU (hemo-pyrrol-lactamuria). The term falsely used in most US literature is KPU (krypto-pyrrol-uria) HPU disarms the immune system by catastrophic depletion of zinc, manganese, arachidonic acid, histamin, taurine. These losses are hard to detect with any current technology (only bone and CNS biopsies are reliable. I use a 24 hr urine sample (kept in fridge). 1 capsule /day core (Biopure) treats a 5 year old (zinc, B6, chromium, biotin, molybdenum, taurine) Labs to consider: HPU/KPU urine test (Vitamin Diagnostics)

alkaline phosphatase low normal copper: zinc ration greater then 1 in hair and urine low Omega 6 in red cell membrane fatty acid test white blood cell zinc, red cell copper level If KPU is treated first and the system is restored to normal levels (4-8 months), Borrelia, Bartonella-like organisms and Babesia respond to much milder interventions without significant Herxes or problems 2. Improving disturbed physiology and biochemistry (vitality, detox, immune responses, tissue repair) Neurophysiology Give the brain healthy rhythms: CES (V.Soobiah) Listening program, color therapy, meridian tapping therapies (MFT) Listen to Lyme entrainment CDs Spend time in nature Avoid disturbing EMF (chordless phones, cell phones,

wireless technology, home near airport (radar), computer Exercise Stretching Movement (dancing, walking, running) Floor time Sequencing Treatment: the Lyme ABC There is an inherent order in which the microbes should be treated. If the order is correct, gentle methods work. Treatment should always combine electromagnetic interventions, using specific microbial inhibition frequencies (KMT CD- based sound technology) with the appropriate herb, antibiotic or other antimicrobial strategy. It should also always be combined with a toxin elimination program, good psychotherapy and general life style hygiene (all the stuff, that alternative Medicine stands for).

Principle: start with the large opportunistic invaders. Go from large to small. Treat Borrelia last A. Worms: (Ascaris, Taenia, Threadworms) Lab: hopeless in the US, PCR based parasite tests are less often false negative, saliva test for worms is sometimes helpful

Physical exam: helminth pattern Treat by therapeutic trial Rizol Gamma Salt (12 grams/day) and Vit C Alternatives: Arise and Shine program, Sputnik, Alinia, Biltricide and Albenza I often use Biltricide for 3 days (2 tbl. Tid), then Nitazoxanide 1000 mg bid for 20 days, then alternate Alinia and Biltricide only 2-3 days per week for 3 months. Only Albendazole and Nitazoxanide cross the blood brain barrier Larval stages (or mature worms) in lung: Inhalation with alcohol (L.Klapow protocol) or iodine: 4 drops SSKI in Omron hand-held battery powered inhaler once daily (source: www.MarksMarinePharmacy, www.magic B. Protozoae: Babesia, Toxoplasmosis, Gardia, Amoebas and Trichomonas

Rizol Gamma Neem (use energized version/Biopure) Organic freeze dried garlic Artemisinin MMS Tinidazole Nitazoxanide (Alinia) Albendazole Mepron Riamet (Novartis) C. Strep infections (often behind some mental symptoms)

Enderlein remedies (Notakehl, Sanukehl Pseu, Sankombi, Arthrokehlan A) Conventional tonsilectomy Regular manual drainage Neural therapy injections with procaine and ozone (tonsil program) gargle/mouth wash with MMS, Rizol Gamma, Oxo Regenerative Cryotherapy ( Zithromax 500 mg once weekly ( dosage for 5 year old) E. The herpes family, XMRV and Borna

Rizol Zeta Quintessence (5 herbs/Biopure) Freeze dried garlic Andrographis St Johns Wort, olive leaf, monolaurin KMT-micro-current deactivation Alternatives: thymus extracts (ProBoost) mushroom extracts Ayurvedic herbs (Indian Gooseberry,Chebulic and Beleric myrobalan) Chapparal extracts Valtrex and Valcyte

Artemisinin (XMRV) F. Yeast/Mold: freeze dried organic garlic KMT micro-current desensitization Rizol Alpha and Gamma Nystatin, Amphotericin B, Fluconazole, Itra- and Voriconazole (antifungals have strong antispirochete effects) Eliminate food allergies/no grain diet Clean up the home (propolis vaporizer, matrix microbe spray) G. Mycoplasma: Quintessence Rizol Gamma, Epsilon and My Freeze dried garlic MMS APN desensitization Enzymes

Alternative: antibiotics H. Borrelia, Rickettsia, Bartonella, Brucella, Ehrlichiosis Rizols (Borrelia: Epsilon, Lambda and Gamma, Bartonella: My (effective in ALS) Quintessence Herbs: Andrographis, Stephania Root, Japanese Knot Weed, Smilax, Red Root Teasel root (body pain) Homeopathic Lyme co-infection nosode (BioPure) New herbal compounds from W.Anderson

Bee-venom, niacin and magnesium Liposomal artemisinin MFT (mental field therapy) and APN Alternatives: J.Burrascano M.D. antibiotic protocols, ozone therapy, UV-B Klinghardt Lyme Cocktail This remedy is based on 150 lbs body weight . The dosage has to be adjusted according to the weight of the child. The KLC has helped many autistic children to improve significantly 200-400 mg Artemisinin, 100 mg OSR (glutathion), 10 ml Phopsholipid Exchange in blender at high speed to make liposomal artemisinin (detox, anti-viral, anti-Babesia, anti-Lyme, shuttle agent, biofilm breaker) Then add D-galactose : 5 grams (increases ATP dramatically) 10 -20 drops 20 % Propolis Tincture (anti-viral) Quintessence (Lyme, Ehrlichia, Bartonella) 15 ml Rechtsregulat (enzyme mix to break biofilm)

MicroSilica 100 mg Co-curcumin (Ayush Herbs): 1 tsp plus pippli 2 caps (pepper to increase absorbtion) Vit C powder 2000 mg Acai powder (anti-microbial, anti-oxidant) 1 tsp Mucuna powder 1 tsp (increases L-Dopa for language and motor development) glass grapefruit juice (important for artemisinin absorbtion) glass water Optional: GSE 10 drops - grapefruitseed extract ( anti-microbial, anti-biofilm) freeze dried garlic 4 capsules

Energized Neem: 2 caps three times/day Drink this amount twice daily, 5 days on, 2 days off. 3 weeks on, 1 week off. Most products from BioPure (425 462 8414 - [email protected]) 3. Decreasing the pathogen count Treatment of Lyme with ozonated plant oils (rizols). Rizols have strong and specific anti-microbial properties, no known adverse long term effects, are relatively inexpensive and are pleasant to take. They have been used successfully since 1905 1: treat parasites, mold and anaerobes Rizol Gamma (effective dose: 15-20 drops tid) 2: treat both RNA (Borna, etc.) and DNA (HHV-6, EBV, etc.) viruses: Rizol Zeta (20 drops tid) 3: when on full dose of Gamma and Zeta, treat Babesia: acidified sodium chlorite (MMS): 15 drops 1 hour apart, 2 days in a row, once weekly for 4 8 weeks. Or: Oxo 2 caps t.i.d. 4: after 2 months on full treatment: stop or reduce Rizol Gamma and treat Bartonella: Rizol My (20 drops tid) 5: after 2 months reduce dose of rizols Zeta and My to 10 drops tid and treat

spirochetes: add Rizol Epsilon and Jota, 10 drops tid each Always follow rizol with adsorbent (biosorption): chlorella (20 tbl), chitosan (1-2 caps), zeolite (1 tsp) or charcoal (2 caps) 3. Decreasing the pathogen count : the rizols Rizol-Gamma 70% Rizol-raw material (ozonated castor oil treated with high voltage electrolysis) 10 % clove oil 10 % oil of artemesia 10 % black walnut oil Rizol-Zeta 69,3 % Rizol-raw material 10,0 % oil of artemesia annua 10,0 % clove oil 5,0 % black cumin oil 3,0 % moxa oil 1,8 % walnut oil 0,9 % oil of majoram 3. Decreasing the pathogen count

Yearbooks of the Karl und Veronica Carstens-foundation Adress: Am Deimelsberg 36 45276 Essen, Tel. 0201-563050 3. Decreasing the pathogen count Carstens Report/Research by Gerhard Steidl PhD: Active oxygen against pathogenic anaerobes -properties and research results In nature Humans and animals: Immunsystem Respiratory chain Cytochrome P450 (detox enzymes) Plants: Endoperoxide <<<>>>> Synthetic Peroxides H2O2 Ozone Magnesiumperoxide

Organic Peroxides Ozonide (rizole) Endoperoxides and Ozonides are identical in structure and properties 3. Decreasing the pathogen count : microbial inhibition by rizols 1. Inhibition (culture medium) Pathogen: Candida Aspergillus Aerobe B. Anaerobe B. Rizol-raw ++++ ++ ++ ++++ Ozone water ------------------------2. Agar dilution test Pathogen

Rizol-concentr. 1,25 % 2,50 % 5,00 % 10,0 % symbols: Candida Aspergillus Aerobes + ++ ++++ ++++ ------------+ ++ +

+ ++ ++ -----no inhibition + minimal inhibition ++ moderate inhibition +++ good inhibition ++++ very good inhibition Anaerobes + ++ +++ ++++ 3. Decreasing the pathogen count Hydrogenperoxide H2O2 H-O-O-H Endoperoxides in plants:

Ozon O3 O-O-O 3. Decreasing the pathogen count: Trioxolan (rizol ingredient): comparisons with endoperoxides 3. Decreasing the pathogen count 3. Decreasing the pathogen count Biological effects The Steidl/Carstens studies

The ozonides transfer oxygen and change the environment in which anaerobic pathogenic germs live, making it aerobic This prevents anaerobic germs, such as Clostridia, from multiplying The oil is surface-active and, with its active substances, moistens the intestinal mucous membrane where nests of fungi and bacteria and parasites might be located The rizol constituents have been found intracellularly and in the matrix (indicating anti-microbial activity both intra-and extracellularly ) Cell toxicology studies:

mitochondria are not damaged, OECD test for mutagenicity produced the result: not mutagenic. Normal human cells are guided into apoptosis (beneficial genetically pre-programmed cell death) previously damaged and tumour cells are destroyed no adverse pharmacological effects were found in numerous culture tests and cell 4. Immunemodulation 1. Use the CD 57 test (Labcorp Stricker panel) to monitor immune status 2.

Enderlein remedies: treat immune responses to mold: Nigersan, Notakehl, Mucukehl, Fortakehl, Pefrakehl General Immune modulation: Utilin, Utilin -S, Latensin, Recarcin 3. Auto-hemotherapy or auto-urine therapy (2 ml biw) 4. Buhner herbs (Quintessence from BioPure) 8-10 dropperfull in 1 liter water 5. Allergie-Immun saliva based drops (Germany) 6. Klinghardt H-7 homeopathics made from saliva, urine and stool 7.

Adjunctive physics based immune modulation tools(BioTools): KMT frequency-based biofield treatment (anti-microbial CDs) Health Light super LED treatment of focal areas Valkion: singlet oxygen energy delivery via inhaled air or drinking water Photon Wave or Laser immune modulation Medical drugs Occasionally the use of medical antimicrobials is beneficial in addition to this program (ILADS recommendations) Top of the list:

anti-virals (Valtrex and Valcyte) anti-fungals (itra- and voriconazole) anti-parasitics (Alinia and Biltricide) antibiotics (with above program, minocycline, and anti-Malarials work again!) contact Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD Office (Kirkland/Seattle): 425 823 8818

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