Ford Castle Adventure

Ford Castle Adventure

FORD CASTLE ADVENTURE Join us for an authentic Medieval experience About Us Ford is a Medieval English Castle in the beautiful Northumberland countryside. Children have been visiting us on school trips for 50 years and now you have the chance to join them. We have acres of private grounds with on-site adventure activities as well as fantastic local excursions. From Roman Forts to the Farne Islands with its thousands of Puffins, theres something

for everyone! Safety First Safety is one of our top priorities. Our instructors hold qualifications in: GNAS, BUC, BFA and First Aid Equipment is checked before and after every use, and records kept. We have an excellent health and safety track record Activity appropriate equipment is provided for every student, including harnesses and helmets, and boots and buoyancy aids where necessary

Adventure Activities Our group holds the quality badge for Learning Outside the Classroom We are a full member of BAPA (British Activity Providers Association) We strongly believe in learning and development through exciting and memorable experiences With a range of adventure activities on site, we encourage students to try something new every day Whats on offer? Our on site and off site activities

include: Zip wire High Ropes Archery Fencing Nightline Canoeing Team Games Assault Course Low Ropes Knights Quest School Packages Bringing the curriculum to life

We have a variety of Castle courses for Key Stages 2 and 3: Young Explorers Geology, Geography and Biology Time Travellers Study either the Romans, Tudors, Saxons, Vikings or Victorians with a relevant excursion, or two The Sword at Ford A blend of activities covering Romans, Vikings, the Battle of Flodden and Castles. With Archery and Fencing thrown in Biology A study of habitats around Ford and the relationship between

animals, plants and their environment Nature Rangers Study the area surrounding Ford (you may even sneak a peep at a Red Squirrel) Historical Study Choose from Romans, Vikings, Saxons, Battles, Castles, Victorians or Modern History. Human Geography Examine how the landscape has shaped man and vice versa e.g. the impact of tourism or the relationship between agriculture and industry

Thrills spills and Hills - A combination of our exciting activities plus environmentally driven subjects e.g. History, Science or Geography Where students stay? Students sleep inside the castle, in dorms with private bathrooms Rooms are traditional in lay out, with modern furniture and cosy beds Students are free to explore the castle, learn its history

and make it their home Food Food is freshly prepared daily by our experienced kitchen team For excursions, snacks and packed lunches are provided There is always a vegetarian option available, and our cooks love to make dessert. Excursions We provide a wide variety of excursions

for your trip: Step back in time at Vindolanda Roman Fort Heatherslaw Watermill (the only working mill in Northumberland) Cragside House Cheviot Hills Lindsifarne Island Berwick Upon Tweed Etal Village/Etal Castle Free time Our gated grounds are completely private and safe. We take pride in allowing our students to make the

Castle their home, and spend free time exploring and having fun During free time, there are acres of space and lots of equipment for indoor and outdoor sports Our group leaders will set up games and activities, or lead the way to the secret library, hidden behind a wall panel In the lounge, we have films and TV, a music system and craft materials Evening Entertainment On offer: Talent show when the pupils get

to show off ( and sometimes their teachers) Disco They can bust a few moves Grail Hunt Get to know the Castle grounds whilst working out our puzzles Medieval Night Say no more. Our Halloween inspired disco TO BOOK OR FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL 01388 529 548 Find us on Facebook (Ford Castle Adventure) And Twitter @FordCastleFun

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