France - Weebly

France - Weebly

Basics of Geography Location Locations can be broken down by continent Seven continents: Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Europe

North America South America Continents and Oceans Arctic Ocean Eurasia Europe North America Asia

Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Africa Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean

South America Southern Ocean Antarctica Australia Lines of Latitude and Longitude Arctic Circle

Equator Tropic of Capricorn Antarctic Circle Prime Meridian Tropic Circle Physical and Political Maps

Physical Maps Political Maps Demonstrate landforms Show government borders EX: Mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, deserts

EX: Countries, states, cities Physical Map example What do you see? What dont you see? Political Map Example what do you see? What dont you see? Compare and contrast the two types

Another set of examples Which type is this? How about this one?

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    DO NOW: AP M.C. Question

    While the Inca were agrarian, the Aztecs were nomadic. The Aztecs built religious monuments while the Inca did not. Incans were monotheistic while the Aztecs worshipped many gods. The Aztecs developed a system of writing while the Inca did not....
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    Chest. Sit or stand tall. With shoulders and elbows at 90 degrees, bring elbows back and squeeze shoulder blades together and down. Hold 15-20 seconds. With arms elevated and elbows bent to 90 degrees, bring elbows back and pinch shoulder...
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    Consultative PM Competency Model. Project Management Fundamentals. Technical Acumen. Competency: Description; Business Acumen. Able to understand the industry and business model of the company and understand linkages between project goals and company-specific business context.
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    Getting the reading habit -

    Whatisextensivereading? readinglots of differenttexts. reading a variety of texts. readingforpleasure. readingwithout a task, a test or a set of exercises
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    SmartArt combines text, shapes, effects and other objects to create graphics. SmartArt can be formatted and edited to fit a user's needs using many of the tools which have been previously used to format other objects.

    Food Safety and InspectionService. MissioninAction. FederalMeatInspectionAct(FMIA),1906. AgriculturalMarketingAct(AMA),1946(select sections) PoultryProductsInspectionAct(PPIA),1957
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    Bees to Flowers - Seed Learning

    Ancient palace in Susa, Iran. Darius I. Who was king after Cyrus II died? Darius I (550 - 486 BC) became the leader after Cyrus died. Darius the Great wanted to build trade in the empire, so he created new...