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French Immersion Consultation Themes: What does French Immersion look like? Grade progression and Support Benefits of Second Language Acquisition Keeping a Solid Catholic School Culture in a Dual Track School Enrolment Projections and Cost Effectiveness

Facility Supports for Programming Staffing Tonights Process Welcome and Introductions Prayer Presentation Questions Next Steps Survey

Timeline Prayer TCDSB Board Members and Senior Staff Patrizia Bottoni Trustee, Ward 4 Michael Caccamo

Superintendent, Area 3 Schools Lori DiMarco Superintendent, Curriculum Leadership & Innovation: ICT TCDSB Central Staff Adam Brutto Supervisor/Demographer Planning Services

Maia Puccetti Superintendent of Facilities Services Emma Moynihan Officer Communications Dept Maura Wilson FSL, Special Assignment Teacher

French Department Morris Iafrate Senior Coordinator Renewal, TCDSB TCDSB Principals Lillian Kurnik Principal St. Jane Frances Catholic Elementary School

Stephen Dempsey Principal James Culnan Catholic Elementary School Meeting Norms RECOGNITION: line up at the microphone to be recognized as a speaker LIMIT: your turn at the microphone to one question and direct followup COURTESY: allow first-time speakers to speak before repeat speakers

LISTEN: avoid talking while others are speaking RESPECT: for others comments and opinions, all opinions matter OBJECTIVITY: avoid personal attacks or accusations BRIEF REVIEW OF LTPP LTPP is a flexible programming plan for TCDSB schools that allow opportunities for schools to offer areas of focus for their programming in both elementary and secondary schools LTPP also has a system planning feature and FI planning and program fits into this

Communities have told us in the past that they are looking for additional opportunities for FI programming in our Toronto Catholic System Over the next few years, TCDSB is consulting with various communities for input as they make final decision on additional FI locations in the Board to respond to needs What does French Immersion look like in TCDSB? FI is an optional program designed to teach French to

non- francophone children Difference between Core French and French Immersion The expectations for subjects taught in French are those outlined in the English language curriculum policy documents TCDSB Vision and Goals for French TCDSB French Immersion program supports the vision and goals of the Ministry of Education as outlined in the curriculum document 2013

Students will communicate and interact with growing confidence in French, one of Canadas official languages, while developing the knowledge, skills and perspectives they need to participate fully as citizens in Canada and in the world Ontario Curriculum;FSL Benefits of Bilingualism Knowledge of an additional language strengthens first-language

skills. The ability to speak two or more languages generally enhances cognitive development, as well as reasoning and creative-thinking skills. It also enhances the students confidence as a learner, facilitates the learning of additional languages, and contributes to academic achievement. As their strengths develop, French language learners become more flexible and adaptable in new and unforeseen situations. For example, second-language learners tend to be more divergent thinkers, with improved memory and attention span. Ontario Ministry of Education

Benefits of French Immersion Knowledge of an additional language strengthens first language skills (Dr. Jim Cummins, OISE, 1998) Bilingualism increases problem solving skills (Dr Fraser Lauchlan, Strathclyde University, 2012) Learning languages triggers brain growth (2012

Sweden) Increased cognitive benefits of bilingualism - (Gold, 2013) French Immersion today in TCDSB Started in 1982, TCDSB currently has: Elementary Schools

Secondary Schools Extended French 18 11 French Immersion

14 3 Current FSL programs at TCDSB EQAO and French Immersion Grade 3 Students sit Math in French and do not sit Literacy Grade 6

Students write both Math and Literacy in English Research into FI and EQAO Grade 3 Overall, at Grade 3, immersion students did somewhat better than English program students on literacy tests, but differences were small. French immersion students who had little exposure to English language arts instruction lagged somewhat behind their English program counterparts.

(Turnbull, Hart, Lapkin 2000) Research into FI and EQAO Grade 3 Results for mathematics were virtually identical for immersion and non-immersion students at Grade 3. Grade 6 French immersion students achieved better overall results on the EQAO reading, writing and mathematics tests. (Turnbull, Hart, Lapkin 2000)

How can I help my child in French Immersion? Being a positive role model and show that you value French Learn along with your child Talk about French in Canada and the world Read daily to your child in English or in the language spoken at home - literacy skills are transferred from one language to another Seek out local opportunities to experience French

Stay connected to the teacher - volunteer in the class Voila Learning is an online homework support Considering School Culture with French Immersion Programming - Deliberate staff and student activities that are schoolwide and support cross-track integration and exchange Ensuring support services that extend into all tracks of the program School and classroom practices that reflect and respond to the diversity of all RE Ontarios Equity Action Plan

St Jane Frances Student Distribution Based on student distribution patterns, there are currently no French Immersion students living

within the fixed attendance boundary of St. Jane Frances. Enrolment Projections and Accommodation Requirements Enrolment projections have been created assuming the phased

implementation of the French Immersion (FI) program starting in 2018. There are currently 5 FDK classes at St. Jane Frances. For 2018-19 school year, admissions will accept up to 4 FDK classes for English and 1 FDK class for French Immersion. There will be no additional FDK classes constructed. This is in line with the size of the school in that it will generate a school population of approximately 730 students over a 10 year period. The school has a Ministry rated capacity of 715 pupil places. TCDSB Planning Services

September 2017 St Jane Frances Enrolment Projections Without French Immersion, the utilization rate is projected to remain stable around 95% long term. With the implementation of French Immersion in 2018, the utilization rate of St. Jane Frances is projected to increase to around 100% long term. TCDSB Planning Services

September 2017 Facility Supports for Programming - identification of classroom space Retrofit adaptation for FDK Other facility Upgrades

Staffing for French Immersion Programming - Hiring Practices are followed according to Regulation 274 - Board is actively engaged in recruitment through: Faculties of Education

Connections to Canadian Francophone regions New Faculty of Ed students from French countries General Session Q&A Next Steps in LTAP

Notes of tonights session have been taken Tonights survey will be collected and tabulated School-based surveys will be sent home this week Power Point from tonight will be posted on Board website School Board to consider all proposed new FI schools by the new year 2018 (as part of LTPP) Resources for Parents

In Defense of French Immersion French immersion enrolment skyrockets as a new linguistic category emerges cle7935100/ Supporting Your Childs Success in French Immersion and Extended French Elementary Schools (A Parent Guide)

Resources for Parents French Immersion Handbook for Parents FSL Homework Toolbox (An FSL Resource for parents and students in Ontario) A Treasure Chest for Families News to French Immersion

udio.pdf Resources for Parents Peer Tutoring Literacy Program CPF Peer Tutoring Literacy Program (PTLP) for French Immersion Schools: A Parent-Teacher Collaborative Approach IDELLO Help your children assimilate their lessons or learn new things with educational content and features made to bridge the gap between school and home. Create a free parent account. Resources for Parents Useful Websites Supporting the French Immersion Program for Parents and Guardians Websites%20Supporting%20the%20French%20Immersion%20Program%20for%20Parents%20and%20Guardians.pdf Virtual Reference Library / La biblio de rfrence virtuelle This is the best of the library and the internet! For encyclopedias, world facts, homework help, internet reference sites, dictionaries, quotations and much more, visit

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