FSAE Intake Manifold - Computer Action Team

FSAE Intake Manifold - Computer Action Team

FSAE Intake Manifold Members: Rob Brown Scott Cone Thuc Le Brandon Wilen David Winkleman Advisor: Dr. Turcic

What is Formula SAE The Formula SAE Series competitions challenge teams of university undergraduate and graduate students to conceive, design, fabricate and compete with small, formula style, autocross vehicles. General Engine rules

B8.1.1 The engine(s) used to power the car must be four-stroke piston engine(s) with a displacement not exceeding 610 cc per cycle. Current Viking Motorsports Engine CBR600 F4I Intake Rules

B8.6.1 In order to limit the power capability from the engine, a single circular restrictor must be placed in the intake system between the throttle an the engine and all engine airflow must pass through the restrictor.

B8.6.2 Any device that has the ability to throttle the engine downstream of the restrictor is prohibited. B8.6.3 The maximum restrictor diameters are

- Gasoline fueled cars - 20.0 mm (0.7874 inch) - E-85 fueled cars 19.0 mm (0.7480 inch) Design Goals of the Capstone Team

Fit a Honda CBR600 F4I engine Fit in current car chassis Run through the RPM range of 12,500 with maximum power around 8000 RPM 5lbs lighter than last years intake Maximize fluid flow from the intake restrictor to each open cylinder.

Withstand ambient temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit Appropriate Fuel Injector Selection Plenum Design Options Top Venturi Entrance Side Venturi Entrance Rear Venturi Entrance

Material Selection Options Carbon Fiber wrapped Fused Deposition Welded Aluminum SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Final Design Top Venturi Entrance Made of Selective Laser Sintered PA 2200 Fine Polyamide Detailed Design (Impedance Transform) Finite Element Analysis

Using a wall thickness of .2 in we get a max deflection of .075 in and max von mises stress of 2000 PSI leaving us with a F.O.S ~ 3 Sponsors Questions?

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