Galaxy - Jackson Pollock -

Galaxy - Jackson Pollock -

Galaxy Jackson Pollock Art Art is the notion and intention of generating original ideas Art is very subjective As long as the artist has intentions of creating art, it is art

Galaxy Jackson Pollock 1947 The Artist Jackson Pollock an abstract expressionist Danced or moved vigorously while painting Embracing expressionism and movement

Content 1 of 4 paintings inspired by the night sky Helped in major transition from dense and heavy style into light and lively style Splattered paint No foreground, mid-ground, or background Though the paintings may look effortless, this is quite a technical process Highlights the beauty of movement

Tells the viewer that they should not hesitate to express themselves Composition Involves splatters of paint Bright colours (black and white paint is used in most of the paintings) The difference in the size of the splatters makes the painting seem more natural

Uses many contrasting colours so the whole painting is very vibrant Process Abstract expressionism, affected by Surrealism and Indian sand painting Pollock would have the canvas on the ground so that he could move all around it and be in the painting

Utilizes sticks, towels, knives Runny paint Personal Opinion Galaxy suggested to be one of his worst paintings Kenny random matter on a canvas, which shouldnt be considered as art Claudia it carries a very strong message with

it, and the colours bring life to the painting Jade the individual and unique way it is painted does not suggest complete randomness, instead strong intentions and meanings behind it Intention Theory Art must be intentional Art is a combination of beauty and aesthetics

Requires a response Viewers are subjective Intentions cannot be certain Quality of Work Theory If work is created with quality, it should be considered art Some artists may not be technically competent

Training and talent do not necessarily create good artwork Art is not only about skill and technique, instead the expression and meaning behind it People cannot judge art just because of its complexity (e.g. continuous line art)

Knowles & Maxim 1884 Response of Spectators Theory Should art be judged by experts or general viewers? Again, viewers are subjective Different personalities and perspectives More dimensions can lead to a fairer

judgment of the artwork Ways of Knowing Sense perception Different beliefs can lead to different opinions about art Reason Theories can be used as reasoning to judge the

painting Emotion If the painting can relate to ones past experience, it can affect how the person judges the artwork THE END

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