Gender Equality In China - LPS

Gender Equality In China - LPS

Gender Equality In China Women hold up half the sky -Mao Zedong Some socialist or communist countries changed their legal systems to make everyone equal. China, the worlds most populous nation, has the biggest gender gap in the world

due to a sexist culture. Female Babies and Gendercide Infanticide and abandonment of female babies by Chinese parents wanting a son has become rare, but now there is sex selective abortion. Due to the one child policy there is a

shortage of females in China. By 2020, there will be an estimated 40 million Chinese men that will not be able to find Chinese brides. Up to 90% of second pregnancies that are female end in abortion. Female Roles

Male villagers believe that women are incapable of being leaders because they are weak and

because of their physical condition. Studies show that few women have gotten training and benefits from village-level poverty reduction programs. Women have less decision making powers at home and less chance of receiving education, nutrition and health care. Illness rates are 5% higher in women than men. More than 70% of women in Houhe Village suffer from gynaecological illnesses. en/population.html 41286.htm rti/2neasia.htm

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