General information registration session - Mohawk College

General information registration session - Mohawk College

General Information Accessible Learning Services Who we are and what we do : Accessible Learning Services works in collaboration with students, faculty, the wider college (personnel) and support staff. Together, we identify and implement

strategies to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to achieve their educational goals. Services are available to students at all campuses. Who Accesses Accessible Learning Services: Any registered Mohawk College student that has been

identified or suspects that they have a disability. Accessible Learning Services supports a wide range of students with a wide range of disabilities. Examples of disabilities we accommodate:

Physical, Medical, Mobility, and Neurological Conditions Mental Health Condition Learning Disability Acquired Brain Injury Deaf, deafened or hard of hearing Blind or Low Vision

What we offer Confidential Service Mohawk College is an adult learning environment. Accessible Learning Services is a confidential service. Accessible Learning Services respects the right of students to decide who to include in their accessibility

planning. Confidentiality continued. There is student autonomy in terms of sharing the Confidential Academic Accommodation Plan (CAAP) with faculty and others. All student documentation and other records are kept in

strict confidence based upon legislation in Ontario. Accessing Accessible Learning Services will not affect future employment prospects. The CAAP Confidential Academic Accommodation Plan

Creating the CAAP Accessing accommodations is a self-driven process. Creating the CAAP is a collaborative and empowering process. An accommodation plan can be reviewed and modified at any time based upon student need. Disclosure of a disability is at the discretion of the student and disability diagnosis does not appear on a CAAP.

Accommodation Planning There are 2 main types of accommodations: 1. Accommodations for the Classroom Setting 2. Accommodations for Testing

Supports Accessible Learning Services Supports Ongoing accommodation planning Learning Strategies Adaptive technology assessment and training

Alternative format Access to equipment loan Mohawk College Supports Accessibility Counsellors work closely with professors and College service areas to support students accommodation needs.

Accessible Learning Services connects students with services that promote academic success including : Learning Support Centre: peer tutoring, math support ,and writing centre Counselling Services Health Centre

Financial Information and Support Accessible Learning Services provides information about funding available to students with disabilities including grants, and bursaries. Accessible Learning Services personnel helps students access and apply for grants and bursaries related to accommodation planning. Bursary for students with disabilities information: https:// Canada Student Grant Information: TIP: There are grants and bursaries for both OSAP and nonOSAP students. Accessible Learning Services encourages students to

apply for OSAP in order to increase the amount of funds that they could potentially be eligible for. Roles Accessible Learning Services Team

Triage Support Staff Accessibility Support Officer Community Resources Support Officer Learning Skills Advisor/Adaptive Technologist Accessible Learning Services Technician Accessibility Counsellors Manager, Accessible Learning Services and AODA

Next Steps Next Steps Gather any documentation related to your disability (medical documentation, IEP, assessments). Contact Triage Support Staff (905) 575-2211, email

[email protected] or visit Stations 1 and 2, C102, The Square to arrange an appointment. Intake and medical form: accessible-learning-services/register-for-accessible-learningservices Prior to your program start

Admissions Testing: If you require testing for admission to your program, contact Accessible Learning Services to inquire about accommodations. Project Connect: Accessible Learning Services hosts a summer program to prepare students for their transition into post-secondary learning.

Wrap Up Last day to apply for early consideration: Book a campus tour with the MSA (Mohawk Student Association). Join a Start Smart session.

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