Geography of SC

Geography of SC

Geography of SC I. River Systems A. All rivers run generally southeastward, emptying into Atlantic ocean B. 4 Major river systems: 1. Santee (biggest) 2. Savannah 3. Peedee

4. Edisto C. Rivers in the northwest corner of SC = more rapidly flowing and narrow D. Rivers slow down and widen as they move towards coast E. Rivers along the fall line (mid-state) = swifter/rockier II. Land Regions

A. There are 6 major land regions in SC 1. Blue Ridge a. Mountainous b. Highest point: Sassafrass Mountain: 3554 ft c. Swift creeks/rivers d. Rocky soil, e. Heavily forested f. Nature based tourism/recreation

II. Land Regions 2. Piedmont a. Rolling hills b. Red clay soil c. Farm land d. Hardwood forests e. Rivers have smaller rapids and begin to widen

II. Land Regions 3. Sandhillsa. Narrow band of sandy soil that runs across the middle of SC b. This was the farthest reach of the ancient shoreline of SC! c. Sandy hills were originally sand dunes thousands of years ago d. Poor soil for crops e. Pine forests f. Fall line- the relatively sharp drop in elevation noted along the

sandhills is called the fall line. Rivers become swift. II. Land regions 4. Inner coastal plain a. Terrain become flatter b. Rivers are wider and fluctuate with tidal patterns c. Soil becomes rich as material from upstream drops out 5. Outer coastal plain

a. Terrain is VERY flat b. Rivers-slow and wide with swamps c. Soil=very rich for farming II. Land regions 6. Coastal Zone a. 10 mile wide band that borders Atlantic ocean b. Marshes and rivers are heavily affected by tides

c. Ragged coastline protects inland from hurricanes d. Sand dunes e. Deep harbors provide good ports for shipping f. Tourism economy II. Land regions B. Each land region has impacted human activity in SC throughout our history

1. Each land region has affected people as they adapt 2. people have affected the each land region as they adapt

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