George Orwell's Animal Farm

George Orwells Animal Farm Essential Vocabulary Historical Background Info Propaganda & Advertising Nine Essential Vocabulary Words Word = definition [in my own words it means]

1. Allegory (n): the representation of an abstract meaning through material form. (n): the meaning of characters is used for a deeper moral.

[in my own words allegory means] 2. Propaganda (n): information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely for the intent of harm.

[in my own words, propaganda means] 3. Totalitarianism Toe-Tal-i-Tare-ian-ism (n): absolute control by the state. [in my own words, totalitarianism means]

4. Ensconce (v): to settle or hide securely. [in my own words, ensconce means to] 5. Ignominious

(adj): marked by humility, shameful, degrading [in my own words, ignominious means] 6. Communism (n): a theory of social organization based

on holding all property in common. [in my own words, communism means] 7. Pseudonym (n): a fictitious name created to conceal ones identity.

[in my own words, a pseudonym is] 8. Revolution (n): an overthrow of an established government; a sudden or complete change in something.

[in my own words, a revolution happened when] 9. Dystopia (n): a society characterized by misery, oppression, and overcrowding.

[in my own words, a dystopia is] you cant write school George Orwell 1903-1950 PseudonymBorn Eric Blair explores political corruption,

government involvement/ control, social injustices Socialist Criticized for unflattering descriptions of Joseph Stalin and Soviet Union in AF [why would an author use a pseudonym?] Historical Background: Karl Marx (1818-1883)

German philosopher Invents Communism workers of the world, unite Take over government Dies before Russian Revolution [what do I know about Marxism?]

The Struggle for POWER WWI prompts Russian anger at Tsar Nicholas II (1917). Short on food, factory wages too low. Russia! Vladimir Lenin & Leon Trotsky

Lenin- Marxist. The Bolsheviks. The Red army. Leon Trotskycommunist. Marxist. Wanted to improve Russian life! Good speaker.

Lenins demise Becomes ill Becomes apprehensive about Stalins aggressiveness

Dies of a heart attack Trotskys still around! Trotsky v. Stalin begins! Historical Background contd Joseph Stalina. 1941-1953

b. not a good speaker c. opposed Marxs ideas d. Five Year Plans 1. industry! 2. exile 3. KGB c. orders Trotsky be assassinated! Good Speaker v. Poor Speaker Leon Trotsky

Joseph Stalin Ethos- credibility Pathos- emotion Logos- logical ???? ???? ???? Propaganda Spies

Lies! The Wonderful World of Advertising Six Propaganda Techniques In your notes, clearly define each technique. Consider the following: How many do you (or WILL you) recognize in advertisements? Which one tends to persuade YOU most? Why? Bandwagon

Persuading a consumer by telling them others are doing it. Testimonial A product is sold by using words

from famous people or an authority figure. I use this product; therefore, you should too Transfer

A product is sold by the name or picture of a famous person or thing. Repetition When the products name or slogan is repeated at least four times in an ad.

* Radio advertisements excel with this technique! Emotional Words When words that will make a consumer feel strongly about someone or

something are used. False Idols The same body & face is portrayed in most ads. Men are more interested in women portrayed in ads. Consumers falsely believe their body is their best

asset and should be flaunted. Animal Farm Web Quest/Project Your team will present/explain: 1. one essential unit vocab word its definition an image/picture representing word

a memory cue to help remember it 2. An assigned historical person tell us details about his life find and include a picture of him tell us what made him famous Project Step One: Graded Silent Discussion 15 minutes! Your team will gather around a piece of paper with your assigned person AND vocabulary word.

Select one color marker to be YOUR voice. Discuss the person and term with your teammates through writing and making connected webs. What do you know, whats your opinion, what questions do you have? Allow one person to write at a time. Any noise/speaking/gestures will decrease your entire teams grade by ONE ENTIRE LETTER GRADE! Example..

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