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Hyperlinks in PowerPoint EXAMPLES Shap es www.presentermedia. com Specific text in a

sentence etc. Text Box Pictures COMMON QUESTIONS 1. What is a According to Merriam Webster: A Hyperlink is: : an electronic link Hyperlink?

providing direct access from one distinctively marked place in hypertext or hypermedia document to another in the same or a document In different English, this means a Hyperlink is like a hyperdrive (if you are a Star Wars fan), wormhole (if you are a Star Trek fan), or like a door (for those of you who are neither fan). So, to continue with the Door theory, lets go ahead and show you a few Doors

(Hyperlinks), to other places in this document. 2. Where does a hyperlink short, a hyperlink will go pretty much wherever you want it to go. takeInyou? You can go to another webpage, you can go to an Excel document saved somewhere on your computer/network, you can even go inside of your current presentation, to another slide. This enables your presentation to become Interactive and is a great tool for

HYPERLINK TEXT BASICS Alright, now I will show how to create a link that will lead to an external website. In our case, I will be linking straight out to our website ( first by using text, and then with an icon. If you notice, the text above appears in a different color already. This is an ACTIVE link. I have not added the hyperlink myself, PowerPoint did this by seeing the proper URL (website address) typed in. If you want to go to the link, you may right click Not to over complicate

and go to Open Hyperlink things, but Hyperlinks are similar to Trigger effects. Click here to see a trigger effect. Yes, Ill show you how amazing trigger effects HYPERLINK TEXT BASICS

Your next option is to add a hyperlink to a specific word or phrase. In our case, we are going to use Word below to add the hyperlink. Wor d Right click inside of the text box, highlight the text you wish to link, and right click. Select Hyperlink HYPERLINKING TEXT CONTINUED

The box that will pop up is the Insert Hyperlink box, and this is where you select WHERE you want your hyperlink to go to and what you want your text to read as (in our case, Word). We will leave it set to Existing File or Webpage and enter the appropriate URL (website) in the Address field.

Click OK and the word you selected to hyperlink will change color, become underline, and be an active hyperlink! TEXT BOXES Boxes can be transparent, opaque, or translucent, but make sure they you selec d to Front so the link can be clicked.

You can use transparent text boxes to give the impression of hyperlinked text without needing the exact text to be clicked HYPERLINKING OBJECTS Now that youve seen how to hyperlink specific text, take a look at the other things you can hyperlink:

An entire text BOX (click anywhere and the link works) Shap es Picture s EXAMPLES OF SHAPES

PICTURES HYPERLINKING IN A DOCUMENT Next, we will take a look at using the Hyperlinking feature within a document so you can navigate a presentation (or even word document). Ill put a few examples below, so you can see how Hyperlinking works inside of a presentation. Hom

Woods Lightning Rain Drops e Click any of the links above, and you will go to a different location in the presentation. Home will take you to the first slide, while Woods , Lightning and Rain Drops will all take you to different slides. Notice how this feels almost like a website in navigation, and the sky is the limit on how creative you can be inside the presentation.

WOODS Hom e List LIGHTNING Hom e List

RAINDROPS Hom e List SUMMARY Adding hyperlinks to your presentation can make it easier to navigate, as well as customize to your audience, and save you the

hassle of opening websites on the side for display purposes later. Thank you For Watching!

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