Getting the dirt on your State Soil - Home | Soil Science ...

Getting the dirt on your State Soil - Home | Soil Science ...

Getting the Dirt on Your State Soil Presented by Name, Position Member/Fellow of the Soil Science Society of America Step 1. State Soil Website

2 3 4 Example Alabama State Soil BAMA Series 5

Informational Paragraph

Landscape Drainage, permeability Parent material Climate Extent and acreage Land uses Official Status

6 Step 2: More dirt on Soil Series Use this web site: Type in the name of the soil series in the box and hit enter 7 Official Soil Description search site

TYPE IN SERIES NAME HERE. For example BAMA Once typed in, click here to run search 8 Result for BAMA

Click here to see the full soil description and taxonomy 9 BAMA Soil Series Description States where the series is mapped General information about the series drainage, climate, parent

materials slopes, landscapes 10 BAMA Soil Series Description (cont.) Taxonomy Typical soil profile description

Location where this description was made 11 BAMA Soil Series Description (cont.) Allowable difference within the

Series Similar soil series 12 BAMA Soil Series Description (cont.) Landscape and climate

Soils on landscape Drainage and permeability 13 BAMA Soil Series Description (cont.)

First mapped General distribution Use and Vegetation

14 Step 3: Additional fun with Official Soil Description Type in your name (first, last, nickname) and see how many series are similar to it Your school name Find the soil series your school is built on Find the soil series your house is built on 15

The UN Declared 2015 as the International Year of Soils (IYS) to bring more attention to this important natural resource. The Soil Science Society of America celebrates IYS and is happy to bring you this presentation. We hope you take the time to learn more about soils at the many resources listed at the end of this presentation, as you learn more about how Soils Sustain Life

16 Thank you for listening! For further information, visit: information about all things soil! Lesson plans, activities, etc. for teachers activities for the K-12 audience Follow us on

Soils sustain life! 17

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