GIS Capabilities of State-Wide Mutual Aid Assets

GIS Capabilities of State-Wide Mutual Aid Assets

GIS Capabilities of State-Wide Mutual Aid Assets James Cueno, City of Galesburg [email protected] 2015 ILGISA Conference

A Definition of a Disaster an event [that] exceeds the capacity of the governments in whose jurisdiction it occurs. Dealing with disaster therefore requires outside resources. - Successful Response Starts with a Map, pg 47

Mutual Aid Those outside resources can often be had from other local-level organizations, across jurisdictions. Mutual Aid Originally mutual aid agreements were

made locally and directly, but eventually unified networks were developed linking hundreds of agencies. MABAS fire and EMS IMERT - medical IPWMAN public works ILEAS law enforcement

IESMA emergency management IPHMAS public health Operational Resources

Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network Network for local public works agencies to share resources in the event of a disaster. Aware of the benefits that can be had by

deploying GIS to support disaster relief operations. Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network Last years IPWMAN conference included a session called GIS One of your Best

Assests Before, During and After the S*#@ Hits the Fan. Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Provides a resource allocation and distribution network of traditional and non-traditional fire, EMS, Rescue and

Special Operations teams. Allows for Fire, EMS and Special Operations teams to be mobilized as state assets, with liability, reimbursements and State workmans compensation coverage.

MABAS HAZMAT teams 40 identically trained and equipped 10-20 person HAZMAT teams distributed across the state. Each team deploys with weather station, chemical sensors and computers with modeling software to monitor and predict

the path of atmospheric HAZMAT releases. MABAS - HAZMAT CAMEO suite: Federally funded, comprehensive system used for managing chemical release

emergencies. Integrates with Tier 2 filings from HAZMAT sites and on file with LEPCs. Includes database and mapping system. MABAS US&R Task Force 1 Provides heavy construction search and

rescue capabilities. Internal planning, logistics, structural stability assessment, medical and hazardous materials monitoring. involves the location, rescue (extrication) and initial medical

stabilization of individuals trapped in confined spaces. Task Force 1 - Organization Task Force 1 - Tech. Info.

Specialists Responsible for documenting, tracking and retrieving all pertinent information for the task force during incident operations. Gathers requested information from all available sources and forwards to

the Planning Team Manager Creates, displays, provides and compiles documents for all pertinent task force and incident information Cooperating Resources

National Weather Service In the event of a weather disaster, within a few days of the incident, representatives from the National Weather Service will conduct a rough damage assessment survey to classify

the storm. National Weather Service DamageViewer NWS Damage Survey Viewer

Civil Air Patrol Civilian auxilary of the US Air Force Congressionally assigned to conduct emergency services including search and rescue and disaster relief operations

Civil Air Patrol Can generate low-angle, geotagged, oblique imagery of a disaster area. Similar to products that can also be acquired by IDOT & ISP.

Management Resources Incident Command System IS-200.B ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents Training Materials

ICS - Command Staff ICS - General Staff ICS - Operations Section ICS - Planning Section

ICS - Logistics Section ICS - Finance & Admin. Section Illinois Incident Management Team

Comprised of Command and General Staff elements with support from other organizations. Will support, and if requested, manage a Tactical-level Incident Command for All-Hazards responses.

Center / Multi-Agency Coordination Center The next level up from the Incident. Provides Strategic support, direction and coordination for the Incident. Not intended to run the incident or

direct tactics, but strategically steer the response. Illinois Emergency Services Management Association Fields the Emergency Management Assistance Team (EMAT) to assist or

provide EOC operations. Joint IMT/EMAT Presentation IncidentManagementPresentation

Opportunities Standard Training: Basic ICS-700 NIMS an Introduction - 3 hrs ICS-800 National Response Framework an Introduction - 3 hrs

ICS-100 Intro to ICS - 3 hrs ICS-200 ICS for Single Resources - 3 hrs Standard Training: GIS (FEMA) IS-103 Geospatial Information Systems Specialist - 2 hrs

IS-922 Applications of GIS for Emergency Managers - 3 hrs Standard Training: GIS (BLM) Intro to the Geographic Information

Systems Specialist (GISS) - 6 hrs S341 - GISS for Incident Management - 3 days Draft GIS Position

Qualifications GIS Field Data Entry Technician GIS Analyst GIS Team Leader

GIS Supervisor EMAT Tier IV Requirements Standard Training: Basic (12-23 hrs) IS-701a NIMS Multiagency Coordination System (MACS) - 5 hrs IS-702a NIMS Public Information

Systems - 3 hrs IS-703a NIMS Resource Management - 3.5 hrs IS-1a Intro to Emergency Mgmt - 6 hrs IS-775 EOC Mgmt & Operations - 4 hrs HAZMAT & Bloodborne Pathogen

IMT - Requirements Standard Training: Basic (23 hrs) ICS 300 (3 days) & ICS 400 (2 days) or Command and General Staff Functions for Local Incident Management Teams (5 days)

5 years documented experience IMT - Follow-On Requirements 3 Documented Exercises or Incidents / year All-Hazards Incident Management Team course (5 days)

Position Specific Training leading to opening a Position Task Book TF-1 TIS Requirements Standard Training: Basic Certified for CPR Task Force Orientation

US&R Orientation Course Awareness Level Confined Space, Water Rescue and Structural Collapse Operational Level Hazardous Materials US&R WMD Enhanced Operations Course 50% attendance at monthly meetings

Fit Some of the organizations publish their application. Fill it out and go. Others want to meet candidates before they start an application, to check for proper organizational fit.

GIS Capabilities of State-Wide Mutual Aid Assets James Cueno, City of Galesburg [email protected] 2015 ILGISA Conference

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